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Scandinavian Author Visits Kicks Off New Literary Exchange Programme

Article by From The Front Row © 8 August 2013.
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Norwegian IMPAC Nominee Kjersti A. Skomsvold, author of The Faster I Walk, The Small I Am will be in Dublin this month to kick off the new Outposts Literary Exchange programme. Ireland and Scandinavia have a strong shared cultural heritage since Viking times and the Irish Writers’ Centre seeks to celebrate this unique connection. Beginning this August, the foundations will be laid for a long and rewarding literary relationship.


Peter Foberg Idling

Acclaimed Swedish author Peter Fröberg Idling (Pol Pot’s Smile, Song for an Approaching Storm) will be the first author to stay on the exchange during the first two weeks of August, followed by Ms. Skomsvold in the latter half of the month. These initial exchanges will open residency opportunities for Irish authors in Sweden and Norway, during a programme that will expand over time to other Nordic countries.

This autumn, Irish authors will be invited to apply for exchange residency positions in Norway and Sweden.

The new website for the programme will be live on August 15th : www.writerscentre.ie/outpost

About the Outposts Exchange Programme:



Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold

The Irish Writers’ Centre is always looking for new and exciting ways to serve writers locally, nationally and internationally. Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold from Norway and Peter Fröberg Idling from Sweden will each spend two weeks in Dublin on a literary residency experiencing all that Dublin has to offer and to discuss the potential of this writing relationship. The Centre will work with literary organisations in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland to create a yearly exchange programme where we will host Scandinavian writers every year and in return, each Scandinavian country would host Irish writers on an alternate basis.

Programming is currently in progress for the Outposts Celebration in April 2014 which will celebrate our shared culture, our heritage and our love of literature. It will feature authors of both Irish and Scandinavian origin at a series of events in Dublin, based around the intimate setting of the Irish Writers’ Centre.

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