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Colin Weldon

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When you’re a writer, sometimes you just have to hustle, it’s a competitive world out there and when you’re self-published it becomes even harder. You have to use any and all platforms available to try to get your work under the eyes of readers who might like what you do. So here’s the deal. In my last post, I outlined one of the strategies that I use to get as many reviews as possible on Amazon. This week I’ve implemented one of those strategies. On the KDP platform, I have listed all my novels under a promotional tool that makes them free all week on Kindle.

In combination, I have also set a free book promotion on FREEBOOKSY tomorrow, only for the first in the series as it’s a little pricey. By the end of the week, I will publish my resulting downloads of all my books here for anyone who’s interested.

If you love science fiction or fancy giving it a go there are three books in my Agathon series and a stand-alone techno-thriller called Hunting Nora Stone.


“B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree” – https://www.bragmedallion.com/award-winning-books/science-fiction/the-agathon/

For one hundred years the deep space signal has been transmitted to Earth. All attempts to decode it have failed. On Mars, Carrie Barrington, the first human child, is born. She has always known she was different. Her telepathic and telekinetic abilities are becoming ever more difficult to control. Her link to a deadly organism, found deep beneath the Martian surface, haunts her dreams. When disaster strikes, it falls upon her father as commander of The Agathon, the first faster than light ship ever built, to travel to the origin of the signal makers in the hopes of finding the mysterious race. What they find not only threatens to destroy the ship but all life in the galaxy. The fate of humanity now rests in the fingertips of Carrie Barrington and her reclusive and mysterious mentor, Doctor Tyrone Tyrell.



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