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Submissions Call for First Page Literature

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Submissions deadline: 2nd September 2019

‘first page’ is a Berlin-based, non-profit, free-to-take, quarterly, English-language literary magazine that publishes only the opening paragraphs of fiction works. It acts as a teaser and takes on the form of traditional newspaper with each issue showcasing five writers and their promising first pages. The magazine was established simply to highlight and honor the writers’ dedication to sculpting a refined first page at the same time question the literary value of these first pages – whether or not a perfectly written first page could guarantee the quality of what comes after.

‘first page’ welcomes all writers (published or unpublished) to submit their works (published or unpublished). And there is no submission fee.

Terms and conditions

Works by first page contributors are the intellectual property of the author/s and are published (on both first page website and in print), and distributed, with agreement from them. All rights revert to the author/s upon publication.

All other images, logos, text, and information contained on this website, and in print, are the intellectual property of first page.

No material may be reproduced, distributed, performed, displayed, or licensed without permission from first page and/or the individual author/s.

By submitting works to first page (via the online form), the author/s give first page rights to publish (in print and online), distribute (in print and online) and grant reprinting/reproduction permission for promotional purposes (e.g. on first page’s website, printed and/or digital flyers, social media etc.)

In case of copyright violation or/and plagiarism, the author/s will remain solely responsible, and first page and the publisher of first page cannot be held liable and made a party for such cases. first page and the publisher do not pay any (further) royalties to author/s for their works.

The submitted work must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Fiction in nature (no poems, no essays, etc.) and is written in- or translated to English.
  2. The opening paragraphs of a developed story (in other words, they must come from a story you have already written more than just the first page of it.
  3. Between 250 and 350 words.
  4. Saved in pdf., doc., docx (Times New Roman, 12pt, double spacing) with the following file name format: last name_the title of the work (example: camus_a happy death.pdf).

Further information and submit your work here.

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