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The all important setting

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Wordspark writing prompts by ERMurray
Take an imaginative leap to create the perfect setting for your story or poem

This week, we want you to look at setting. Write a description (between 200-400 words) of somewhere that you’d like to set a short story or poem.

Think about the landscape, weather, colours, smells and sounds. Are the people within it shaped by the landscape or the other way around? Does the landscape change and if so, how and why?  Is it real or fictional, welcoming or frightening?

You can use this as a writing exercise, or as a support mechanism to help visualise the setting for a piece of work you’re either starting, editing, or stuck on.

Post your piece below, and see if it can help shape your writing and move/motivate you to complete something you can submit to a competition or literary journal (we’d love to hear how you got on).

Happy writing!

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