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The Collector: Rehearsed Reading

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daniel wade“Sounds like you’ve got a bigger problem with living than with dying, pal.”

The debut of Dublin playwright Daniel Wade is set to be staged as a rehearsed reading on Saturday, the 5th of March, as part of the New Writing Week of rehearsed readings, which is held on the first Saturday of every month in Temple Bar’s The New Theatre. The Collector is a two-act drama about invidious secrets and broken masculinity, set over one night in a pool-hall in Dublin.

“Tell you somethin’ man, y’do keep this place is good nick. I like that. When a man does be takin’ pride in his work.”

The play concerns Oren Collins, a small-time thug and bike courier for whom the Dark Horse Pool Academy functions as both a minuscule, personalised kingdom and  shelter from the bitter realities of the outside world. The games go long after closing time and only the toughest customers last the night.

Only tonight is where everything changes. Oren must finally confront the three major demons afflicting his life: the recent death of his brother, a long-overdue debt to a very dangerous loanshark, and his conscience.

As time steadily runs out and tensions boil viciously over, Oren deceitfully enlists the help of Des, the hall’s manager and his long-suffering uncle, and Joseph, a visiting American student with a mysterious link to Oren’s dead brother…

“Would you trust a man who says he’s no regrets? Would you believe him, I mean?”

For its author, The Collector is an entirely fresh endeavour. Until recently, Wade’s focus and energies have been geared towards poetry rather than play writing. Having seen his work appear in such publications The Stony Thursday Book, Zymbol, Iodine Poetry Journal and nominated for the Hennessey New Irish Writing award in 2015,  While he has attempted to write in variety of mediums, and indeed, even saw the broadcast of his radio drama ‘The Outer Darkness’ on Dublin South FM in June 2015, it was in poetry that he found his skills were best put to use. However, his interest in theatre, spurred on by both attending and reading plays by John B. Keane, Frank McGuinness, David Mamet, Tom Murphy, Owen McCafferty and Mark O’ Rowe, led him to attempt to write his own playscript, working around his interests in crime, language and death.

“Any brotherhood I might have had with him is buried in that coffin. I don’t need the brotherhood of a man who forgets that life is precious.”

Directed by RADA veteran Margaret Wade and starring past and present students of Bray Institute of Further Education’s Performing Arts programme, The Collector stars Tony O’ Neill as Oren, Naoise O’ Duinn as Joseph, Eamonn O’ Sheill as Des, Kevin Brennan as the debt collector Hugh Bracken and Colm Kearns as Git Stokes, Hugh’s wheel-brace-wielding henchman.      

“It’s always a theatre of war when you’re here.”

Links to Daniel Wade’s other work can be found at danielwadeauthor.square pace.com.



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