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The CWA Dagger in the Library is an award for which librarians nominate an author…

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Louise Phillips

The Dagger in the Library is a prize for a body of work by a crime writer that users of UK libraries particularly admire, and have included many great Irish Crime writers on the various longlists and short list, including yours truely. Currently, only librarians can nominate authors for the award, but it is one of the most prestigious crime writing awards in the UK and previous winners include Mari Hannah, Elly Griffiths, Christopher Fowler, Sharon Bolton,  Alexander McCall Smith, Stephen Booth, Peter Robinson,  Lindsey Davis, Martin Edwards, Kate Ellis, Christopher Brookmyre and in 2021, Peter May.

Up to three members of staff from each library can nominate an eligible author from the list on the CWA website. The list of eligible authors is selected by the Dagger in the Library judges each year and comprises authors writing in the UK who have had at least six crime books published over a period of 10 years or more, who were not shortlisted for the Dagger in the Library in the previous year and who have never won either the Dagger in the Library or the Diamond Dagger.

Nominations close on Monday 28 February at 6pm.

Libraries can vote HERE

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