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The Happy Girl by Cecelia Low Chai Chin

Article by EKTobin © 27 January 2018.
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We received the lovely story below from Cecelia Low Chai Chin and decided to share it here.

Cecelia is thirteen this year and she lives in Malaysia, Penang. She is currently studying at SMJK Sacred Heart and her hobbies are reading, singing, dancing, and drawing. She aspires to be an author.

The Happy Girl

A long time ago, there lived a very happy girl. No matter how much you tried to make her mad or sad, she would still happily smile at you!

One day, she came across a troupe of ballet dancers who looked very sad and melancholy. She hopped over to them and exclaimed “Why are all of you so sad?”. They replied that they had just finished their performance at a theatre and the audience had not only refused to clap for them and they were also booed at.

The girl, Lydia, comforted them and told them to do their best at their next destination and also be confident. Their leader, Irina thanked her profusely and invited her to their next show. Lydia happily accepted the invitation. On that day, Lydia donned herself in a sky-blue silk gown and green high heels. After that, she drove to her destination without further delay after having a satisfying breakfast. When she got there, she went into the theatre to find her seat.

After a brief wait of ten minutes, the ballerinas came on stage smiling at Lydia. She wowed and gasped as the ballerinas pirouetted, twirled and leaped gracefully with grace and poise.

At the end of the show, the audience gave them a standing ovation as they smiled showing their gleaming white teeth as they did so and curtsied one last time as they ran-tiptoed backstage.

After the show, Lydia went backstage to see the exhausted dancers. Irina thanked her multiple times and signed an autograph for her while the other dancers gave Lydia grateful smiles.

Lydia returned home in high spirits, pleased that she could help someone. Then, she showered and fell into a deep sleep.

(c) Cecelia Low Chai Chin


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