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The Power of Words

Article by Caren Kennedy © 5 December 2012.
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Does anyone remember this rhyme – Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me?  What rubbish. Not even as a child did I believe this. Name calling does hurt. Ditto put-downs, snubs and sharpened words. A few weeks ago I was at a party and a “friend” squealed a jellyfish zinger at me, to wit:

“Oooooooh! I so love that dress – it really suits you – I’m not surprised you wear it so often!”

Grrrrrr. Meow. Meow. Handbags at dawn. But never mind. I was there with a date and she wasn’t. Ha!

Better yet, I thought, as a writer I can exact my revenge on her by writing a slow and painful killing scene . The problem is I haven’t actually written this scene. Instead, I’ve been visualising numerous variations of the same scene over and over again in my head and turning a nothing incident in to high drama of Shakespearean proportions.  Is it any wonder I’ve been a bit stressed lately with all this negative thinking?  Do other writers do this? Dwell on incidents and get so carried away playing out stories in their heads it’s as  if they’re living them?

I’m certain sure this can’t be good for one’s mental health and possibly explains why so many writers are, let’s face it, slightly odd if not one sandwich short of a full picnic.

As luck would have it I read the following written by Abby Wynne which straightened me out, and which I thought I’d share with you:

Mother Theresa would never attend an anti-war march, but would always show up for a peace rally.  It’s like having a “friendship week”, instead of an “Anti-Bullying week”. By putting energy into the positive, not the negative, you bring your attention more closely into the positive. It’s not the “bully” but the “friendship”; not the “war” but the “peace”.

Words have a vibration and an associated energy, positive or negative, heavy or light. We can use this knowledge to help heal ourselves, and the world around us. Here’s an exercise you can do to capture the positive energy of words and bring it into your life:

Notice the negative words that you use in your natural speech, and notice how often you use them. Start to replace them with more positive words – start by creating lists of words that have the energy that you want to manifest (love, light, joy, happiness, abundance, etc). Try to use these words throughout the day, more often than the negative ones. Notice how speaking these words out loud helps you feel more positive and creative. See which ones are strongest for you, and use them more often.

You can choose the most powerful words you know and write them out on Post-it notes, print them out and put them on the wall in your home where you can see them, and when you see them, stop what you are doing and feel their energy. Breathe it in, and release any negativity you might be feeling at that moment. Surround yourself with these words so that you have access to them in situations where you might experience negativity – at work, in the car, by the phone.

Remember to be responsible for your own behaviour – you can choose to respond to a situation rather than react. Let the positive energy of the new words in your natural speech guide your response.

Easier said than done which is why I’m currently reading Abby’s latest book, called “Energy Healing for Everyone” aimed at teaching readers simple techniques to connect to a source of healing energy that we all have access to apparently.

According to Abby: “You need never feel out of control, stressed or panicked again. Over time, by using these techniques, you will feel more emotionally balanced, more confident and happier with life.”

Huzza! And if the above isn’t enough to convince you,  our own Writing.ie Barbara Scully included Abby’s book on her recommended Christmas reading list here.

If you’d like to learn more about Abby, visit: http://www.abby-wynne.com/

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