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The Reading Agency’s new Reading Well for Dementia collection launches this week, and is available in libraries across the UK. 

Reading Well for Dementia recommends helpful reading and digital resources for people living with dementia. There are also books for family, friends and carers. The booklist provides reliable information, advice and support as well as personal stories and age-appropriate books for children.  

The new booklist is targeted at people living with dementia, carers and family members including younger children to help them understand more about dementia. 

Look for the Reading Well for dementia books in your local library – they’re free to borrow. 

Many titles are also available to borrow as e-books and audiobooks. Find out how to join the library and access books, e-books and audiobooks via your local library website

Our overview of titles and digital leaflet are available to download for free.  

Our bilingual overview of titles and bilingual digital leaflet are available to download for free. 
In Wales, the Reading Well for dementia collection includes an extra title that is only available in Welsh language (Datod; ed. Beti George)

See here for the booklists and for more information on Reading Well for dementia please see our FAQ document

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