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Derek Flynn

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A recent thread on Twitter by author Delilah S. Dawson caught my eye. Well, it more than caught my eye. It made me nod so much in agreement that I was in danger of dislocating my shoulders. I hope she won’t mind if I quote some of it here.

You see, I was that first time author. Well, I still sort of am, even though I’ve just released my second book. I was the one obsessively refreshing my KDP report page to see how many books I’d sold that day. But therein, my friends, lies madness.

And she’s right. Because there are more important things than sales reports and bestseller lists. Why did you start this writing journey in the first place? To make loads of money? You do know the harrowing truth about the average author’s income, right?

But if you set out to actually make an impact with your writing – to connect with readers – then think about this next bit.

Now that I’ve released my second book, I’m starting to look at things a little differently. To be honest, the best part for me at the moment is not seeing the sales chart, but getting messages or reviews from people who loved the book. Because – as Delilah says – that means you’ve connected with someone. And that – in the end – is what we set out to do.

At the launch of my second book, THE DEAD GIRLS, I said this: “I’m in this for the long haul. As the saying goes, I look at this as a marathon not a sprint. I’m not expecting to write a quick best seller or the next hot thing: Fifty Shades of Harry Potter and The Girl on the Train, or whatever.”

(But if anyone does write that, I want my cut.)

So, stop worrying about sales reports and bestseller lists. Instead, as Hunter S. Thompson once said: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”


Derek’s novels BROKEN FALLS and THE DEAD GIRLS are on sale now on Amazon UK and Amazon US, or you can buy a signed copy from his website www.derekflynnbooks.com

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