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The Twelve Robots of Christmas is an online Irish Science Fiction compilation that will bring you a short, short story a day over the holiday. It is a chance for writers to have a bit of fun with the genre, and bring a bit of cheer. The stories are limited to 100 words, and most will be narrated, offering readers a quick daily fiction break.

The initiative was set up by Sligo writer Brian Sexton. ‘I recently took part in the Californian Advent Ghosts compilation run by Loren Eaton, and thought that it would be nice to do something similar for Irish Science Fiction,’ he said.

The long term aim of ‘Twelve Robots’ is to produce an annual charity booklet to showcase the best of Irish Sci-Fi writing and illustration.
The 2021/ 22 compilation includes 5 Science Fiction writers, 2 poets, 1 actor, 1 comedian, 1 novelist, 1 playwright & 1 storyteller -so there will be something to suit all tastes in the mix. A list of participants is here, and you can find links to the stories using the #twelverobots Twitter hashtag, or by visiting

‘There has possibly never been a better time have a bit of craic and escapism with writing, and there’s no better genre than Sci-Fi for that!’ Brian added.

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