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Trewin Goes Solo: New Agency for Literary Super Agent

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WME Partner and literary agent Simon Trewin has left the London office after 6 years with the company to open his own agency.

Simon Trewin Ltd will be representing authors, brands and entrepreneurs in the areas of art, culture, digital, literature, and live events.

Tracy Fisher, head of global rights at WME, said ‘we deeply appreciate Simon’s years of service as a creative thinker and multi-disciplinary strategist and we look forward to co-representation of many of his writers in the international publishing space as well as film and TV rights’.

Simon Trewin said, ‘This year I celebrate my silver jubilee as an agent and it seemed the perfect opportunity to hang my own name outside the door. Selfishly I want a 3rd act now that benefits from all the exposition and character development of the first two – expect thrills, spills, some familiar faces, lots of fun and some plot twists!  This is also a chance to return to my roots in the entertainment industry and I am looking forward to making live events, theatre and film production part of the mix of my new endeavour. I have authors who I would go to the wall for and they will always be my first priority but I can’t wait to get to work on seeing what else is out there too. This is a challenging time in the marketplace but there are so many opportunities if one is open to knocking on unfamiliar doors – I am full of curiosity and energy and am determined that 2019 is going to be my best year ever’.

Simon’s authors at WME included Clare Bennett, Sam Blake, John Boyne, Dr Harry Cliff, Mary Costello, A A Dhand, Chloe Esposito, Victoria Finlay, Sarah Maria Griffin, Steven Hall, Claire Kilroy, Paul Lynch, Keith Lowe, Alyson Mennuti, Andrew Miller, Laline Paull, Agnes Poirier, Jessica Ruston, Matthew Sweet and Jake Woodhouse.

Trewin was made head of the WME UK literary division in 2012, joining WME from United Agents where he had been a founding agent and director.

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