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Truth is Stranger than Fiction – Writing Prompts

Article by Caren Kennedy © 13 December 2011.
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One of the agonies of being a media junkie is that you’re forever coming across juicy stories that send you’re mind racing but because they’ve no pressing relevance to current projects, must be let lie.

Below are a few such stories which I’m sure will tickle your fancy, just as they did mine.  Or perhaps one of them will prompt you into writing a short story?  If so, do let me know.  I’d love to read it.  Either way – enjoy!

Drunk Swedish elk found in apple tree near Gothenburg

A homeowner in southern Sweden got a shock when he found a drunken elk stuck in his neighbour’s apple tree.  The animal was apparently on the hunt for fermenting apples when she lost her balance and became trapped in the tree.  Per Johansson, who found the elk, said he appeared to be sick, drunk, or “half-stupid”.   More

Suspicious wife sparks bomb scare with tracking device under husband’s car

When police sealed off the centre of Sutton in Surrey on Saturday and called in the bomb squad shoppers were understandably alarmed.  Ambulances and fire engines rushed to the usually quiet area braced for a possible explosion as police hastily cordoned off side streets to isolate a suspected bomb under a £40,000 sports car.  It therefore came as a relief – of sorts – when it emerged that the source of the panic was not a terror plot or a mafia hit – but a suspicious wife with a lively imagination.   More

Mile-high air steward ‘delusional’ after eating marijuana

A former flight attendant who ate a cookie laced with marijuana before a transatlantic flight became delusional and paranoid when the plane he was working on took off.    More

And finally … I wonder if Tesco are offering club card points on this gem spotted by a mate on Facebook?

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