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Twittering On – Isn’t That What Writers Do? Come Join Us for #writerswise

Article by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin © 16 April 2016.
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I started tweeting a few years ago and asked, ‘how do you tweet?’ Some people kindly told me, others got impatient but I twittered on and people responded. I’ve made twitter-pals (many of whom I haven’t met – yet).

For instance, @drlfarrell put up with me gate-crashing his tweet-chat #irishmed. Then it became apparent that Dr Liam Farrell is a fabulous writer. So… we started our monthly tweet-chat #writerswise. We’ve trended on twitter. (That’s great!)

Our aim is to help writers reach as wide an audience as possible and to discuss interesting writing topics. Shameless, self-promotion is totally encouraged. Our goal is to link all realms of the industry for an hour, each month.

There will be guest-hosts. This month our guest host is the influential @inkwellHQ, @writing.ie founder and literary scout, Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin (I know! Mega impressive). The topic this month is “Avoiding Rejection.”

To successfully tweet you need to be concise in your message of only 140 characters. If you don’t tweet, don’t fret. It’s easy:

  • When you want to tweet directly to someone you use their @name, ours are @sharontwriter, @drlfarrell, @inkwellHQ
  • To be in a tweet-chat you follow and use the appropriate #  (#writerswise)
  • You can simply set up a twitter profile and write a tweet to join in.
  • If you like something you use the heart icon and to retweet (send to your own followers) you use the arrows icon.
  • Writers, aspiring writers, agents, publishers and published authors are very supportive, so follow #writerswise and tweet in when you feel comfortable.
  • Use #writerswise so we can all see what you say and join us this Thurs 21st at 8pm (UK/Ire) or 3pm ET.

Please check out twitter every month for #writerswise. If anyone wishes to guest host, feel free to get in touch. We look forward to tweeting with you!

Sharon Thompson

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Writing.ie has been developed and is run by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin who founded The Inkwell Group publishing consultancy and is Ireland's leading literary scout. Vanessa is represented by literary agent Simon Trewin and writes crime as Sam Blake. LITTLE BONES will be published by Bonnier's Twenty7 imprint in May 2016. Vanessa is the Chair of Irish PEN and the Irish and Eurozone Adviser to the international organisation The Alliance of Independent Authors.