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UCC/Mercier Press 2nd Level Student History Essay Competiton

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To enter the competition the second level student must submit an essay/project of 1500-2000 words on a historical subject from one of the topics:

Local/Regional/National History of a person, event or attraction  that is of historical significance to a particular town, county or Ireland  as a whole.

Historical Biography: A  biography of a  historically important  person’s life  covering the historic significance to the area or the  country.

Women in History Award: The focus here is primarily on women in Irish History, particularly those who may be forgotten by the history books.

Illustrated History Award: An illustrated guide to local or national history, including documents, photographs, etc. Students are encouraged to visit libraries, archives and relatives to dig out some old documents and combine them to form a historical narrative.

Each category will have one winner and there will be one overall winner. The overall winner will be announced at an Awards ceremony in April. There will be 5 prizes in total.

NOTE: We will not be accepting sports club history submissions  unless the student can make a link between the story of the club and  important events in Irish history. Students are encouraged to submit art, photographs and models with their work.

Send your essay or  project to:
Rory O’Dwyer at   r.odwyer@ucc.ie or by

post to:

Ms Charlotte Holland, Senior Executive Assistant, School of History, University College Cork.

The deadline is 21 March 2014 and an awards ceremony will be held in April.

If you have any

questions, contact: Your history teacher or  Rory O’Dwyer, School  of History, UCC at  r.odwyer@ucc.ie.

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