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Walk Accompanied through Joycean Dublin this Bloomsday with JoyceWays

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JoyceWays: THE ULYSSES iPHONE APP aims to make Joyce’s literature more accessible
Anything that opens up books to raders is a good thing and a new smartphone app that has been developed by a group of James Joyce enthusiasts, aims to bring the world of Joycean Dublin to literary addicts and less scholarly types alike.

Three years in the making, the project is being led by Joyce scholar Professor Joe Nugent, a native of Mullingar, who is a professor of English Literature and member of the Irish Studies Program at Boston College.  He has been working with a team of American students and James Joyce enthusiasts from Boston College on the app which offers guided tours of Joycean Dublin with commentary and contextual explanations to help everyman discover and enjoy the work of James Joyce.

The official launch of the JoyceWays iPhone app will take place on Thursday, 14 June at the James Joyce Centre, North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1.  Senator David Norris, who has contributed to the app’s content, will lead proceedings.

At home, in your armchair, or guided across Dublin’s streets, the app enables people around the world to discover James Joyce with Professor Nugent’s brilliant introduction to Ulysses and journey in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom.  Produced by the team at Boston College and designed and developed by Big Top Multimedia here in Dublin, it is a spectacular guide to the city for the expert and a welcoming introduction to Ulyssesfor the beginner.

Guiding you to over 100 locations in Dublin, JoyceWaycarries you back to the city of 1904.  At each point of interest you’ll hear excerpts fromUlysses read by America’s great populariser of Joyce, author and broadcaster Frank Delaney.  At every spot, you’ll be treated to expert quirky facts, contemporary photos, advertisements, cartoons, posters and sparkling commentary that explains the text with erudition and friendliness.

“From 7 Eccles Street to the National Library, from Dublin Castle to Sandymount Strand, we’ve mapped for you the texture of the city Joyce fled, but always loved,” said Professor Nugent.

JoyceWaysleads you on an exploration of 15 of Joyce’s pubs, each with our Authenticity Ratio, and you can enjoy our Dubliners trail across the city’s highpoints and read a story from Dubliners.  Alternatively, you can simply relax and treat yourself to Senator David Norris’s animated video performance of scenes from Nausicaa.  What we’ve really tried to do is package Joyce in a way that everyone is able to enjoy his fantastic contribution to this city and its literary past.

“JoyceWays is a city guide, a study companion, an escapist’s toy.  It’s an indispensable tool for professors and pupils, for Joyceans, and Joyceans-yet-to-be. JoyceWayis your friendly companion, your colorful guide to the Dublin of Joyce.”

JoyceWays features:

*Voice of Frank Delaney (“the most eloquent man in the world”—N.P.R.)

*6 chapters& selected points from Dubliners

*15 of Joyce’s  most authentic Pubs

*David Norris video reading from the Nausicaa chapter

*Dozens of contemporary photos

*100 locations from Joyce’s writings

*4 hours of spoken commentary

*Offline map (no data download charges)

*Real-time GPS Tracking

*Price €2.99

Download yours now!

Website:                      http://joyceways.com/

Facebook page:          http://www.facebook.com/joycewalkapp?ref=tn_tnmn

Twitter:                       @joycewaysapp

Kickstarter video:       http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/504430587/joycewalk-0

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