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Colin Weldon

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Greetings, fellow scribblers and readers. It is with great pleasure that I begin my blogging journey with Writing.ie. I thought I would take this first slot to tell you a little about myself and why I’ve chosen a life dedicated to writing about all things science fiction. I currently run a small business in Dublin’s city centre, which has actually come in handy as having a business head helps to think of ideas to promote your own work. I have always wanted to write a novel and sometime in late 2012, after years of procrastinating, I opened up a blank page and wrote 300 words of something that would turn out to be a three book space opera about the last surviving humans on a hunt through the galaxy for a strange and powerful alien signal. You have to write what you love and while it’s not an easy genre to break into, it’s the one I have always had the most affinity for. The world building in Science Fiction is the greatest challenge but it’s also the most satisfying. The boundless possibilities of a seemingly endless universe is a sandbox too great to resist.

I had no immediate plans to self-publish The Agathon. Far from it. I wanted what all writers want. That phone call telling me my life would be forever changed and that paperback copies would soon be seen on the shelves of bookstores all over the world. For a moment, a brief and glorious moment when my full manuscript was requested by several top agents, I truly believed that it was actually about to happen. There were phone calls and excitement as agents actually nibbled at the book and, for a time, it seemed like it was all falling into place.


Then boom!

One after another they fell by the wayside and as quickly as it had all clicked together, it fell apart like a bad Jenga move. Undeterred, I learned quickly about the pros and cons of self-publishing and determined to get my book out into the world I went to work figuring out how to go about it. My later blogs will cover in detail how this process actually works but suffice to say it’s not as easy as it seems. Or, that is to say, it’s not as easy to put something out there that can at least have a hope of competing with the millions of others now swirling around the ether of the Kindle platforms. I published my first novel back in December 2015 and since then have had an array of interesting experiences. Overall I have to say the whole process has proved to be a really positive one for me. My reviews on Goodreads keep flowing in, and I’ve connected with some truly wonderful authors from all around the world who have shared their experiences with me and also given tips and strategies for promoting work to the masses both through the use of social media platforms and through some really great promotional sites. If you would like to take a look at my work the links to my Goodreads profile is in my bio. All my novels are currently €0.99 on kindle if you fancy giving them a whirl (shameless self-plug ☺)

If you would like to connect with me I am on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all that jazz. At this stage, I would like to thank Vanessa O’Loughlin again for giving me my own little world on Writing.ie

Forward we go



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