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What Do We Have in Our Pockets?

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This week’s #wordspark is inspired by a stunning Youtube video, written by and featuring one of my favourite short story writers, Etgar Keret.

Before you watch the video, think about the following prompt:

A man finds a coat on the train. He goes through the pockets to se who the coat belongs to, but finds something he doesn’t expect. What does he find? What does he do next? What happens as a result? Does it work out the way he expected?

Write your piece of short fiction (the word count is up to you), letting your imagination go as wild as you want.

When you have finished, watch the video ‘What do We Have in Our Pockets?’ and do a redraft. How did the video change your perspective? Did it help for the better?

Feel free to post your stories below – unless you are hoping they will develop into something for a competition or journal – in which case, post about your experience instead.

Remember: even posting online is considered by many journals and comps as ‘published’ and makes your entry invalid.

Happy writing!


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