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Winners Announced for the 2022 Society of Authors’ Awards

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New Yorker cartoonist Will McPhail has won the Betty Trask Prize at the 2022 Society of Authors’ Awards for IN: The Graphic Novel – the first time a graphic novel has been named a winner of the prize. The novel isan account of a young illustrator’s struggle to find connection, praised by judges as a ‘devastating vision of contemporary loneliness’.  

The winners have been announced, with 32 writers, poets and illustrators at all stages of their careers sharing the UK’s biggest literary prize fund of more than £100,000.

Among this year’s winners are software developer turned children’s author Alastair Chisholm and illustrator David Roberts who won the Queen’s Knickers awardwith Inch and Grub, a ‘joyfully funny’ children’s book written in ‘caveman’.

Maame Blue picked up her second award in a row, following her triumph last year as a 2021 Betty Trask Award winner. This year she has been chosen as one of the 2022 Travelling Scholarship recipients, selected for her project of ‘shadowing Othello’ through exchanges with Ghanian writers in Italy.

Other winners include award-winning Welsh poet Menna Elfyn, who has been awarded a Cholmondeley Prize for contribution to poetry; debut novelist David Annand, who won the McKitterick prize for Peterdown; 2021 Commonwealth Short Story Prize-winner Kanya D’Almeida, who won the ALCS Tom-Gallon Award for I Cleaned The—; and previous shortlistee Sheila Llewellyn who is taking home the inaugural Gordon Bowker Volcano Prize for Winter in Tabriz.

See here for the full list of winners.

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