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World Famous Authors Campaign to Make a Young Writer’s Dream Come True

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Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin

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“Excellent writing!” said the University of East Anglia Creative Writing Department. UEA has a reputation for producing great authors like Ian McEwan. Kazuo Ishiguro, Anne Enright, Rose Tremain, Diana Evans, and Louise Doughty.

So, they offered Aprajita Agnihotri from Hyderbad, India a place to start on the BA English and Creative Writing degree course in September.

There’s one problem, and that’s funding her studies overseas student fees. UEA gave Aprajita a discount based on merit, but Aprajita found herself short of the first year’s course fees of £11,900.

A member of the writing community of The Novelry, she turned to the founder of the online writing school, Louise Dean, for help. A day later and the campaign was launched – #supportanauthor.

“We know Aprajita’s a talented writer with a great future, so the wonderful writers of The Novelry instantly chipped in,” says Louise Dean, “but nothing prepared us for the major donation we received from a very famous author the same day we launched. It’s so uplifting to know one brilliant and very successful female author whose books have been made into movies is reaching out to help a young woman follow in her footsteps. Good news for these difficult times.”

That major donation was from a world-famous author you most certainly know. Then other authors began retweeting and sharing and writers everywhere are tagging authors they follow on Twitter appealing for help to make Aprajita’s dream come true.

The heartfelt plea from Aprajita on the campaign page, who is just twenty years old, has moved so many.

“I have wanted to write since I was a little girl stealing away from math class to huddle in the school library to read “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” which to this day remains my favourite children’s novel. From reading stories came the desire to write stories, and the dearest wish of my heart is to tell stories that can transport sad little girls to places of happiness and ecstasy. I want to create my own Narnias and Hogwarts. My upbringing has instilled in me a deep reverence for my culture and heritage and I wish to share my knowledge of India and its magnificent history with the world. Unfortunately, I cannot do this on my own, and need your help. I promise to be a determined and passionate student who will make the best use of your contribution.”

Join the campaign at thenovelry.com/campaign and please retweet and share the post on their Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/thenovelry

Thank you for being part of something good.

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