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Write a Lighthouse-inspired story and become a Young Storykeeper!

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Ink Stains

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Calling all 7-12 year-olds, Fighting Words & Great Lighthouses of Ireland want your stories!

To celebrate Cruinniú na nÓg, Great Lighthouses of Ireland and Fighting Words are inviting 7-12 year-olds to become Young Storykeepers!

All you have to do is create a story inspired by lighthouses!

All our lighthouses brim with terrific tales, legends and lore about lightkeepers, shipwrecks, maritime life and much more. Today they play a vital role along with buoys and other aids to navigation in guiding the safe passage of ships. This is all managed and cared for by the Commissioners of Irish Lights.

Fighting Words offer free workshops to children to explore their creativity and create new stories at locations all over Ireland. Great Lighthouses of Ireland and Fighting Words have now come together and are looking for some imaginative minds to become Young Storykeepers!

Create a Lighthouse Story

We’re asking 7-12 year-olds to create an original story inspired by lighthouses. Your unique story (max length 500 words) can take any form; from short story to poem to play, or even song lyrics, a comic or illustration.

The only requirement is that your story must involve a lighthouse, a buoy or even a helper vessel like the ILV Granuaile.

The lighthouse/buoy/vessel in your story can serve any purpose, it can be a real or fictitious setting or even a character in your tale!

Get Inspired

The Great Lighthouses of Ireland themselves are steeped in exciting chapters of history, from lightkeeping monks at Hook Head, to prehistoric footprints near Valentia Island Lighthouse and even sunken treasure in Fanad Head’s waters.

Did you know that before electrification, lightkeepers stayed at their lighthouse station for weeks at a time tending the light? Or that their families often lived at the station with them?

You’ll find plenty of inspiration, photos, videos and more in our Stories section and can discover more about each Great Lighthouse of Ireland, in our Lighthouses section.

The story you create however, is entirely up to you, the sky’s the limit!

See here for story tips and further information.

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