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Your Worst Nightmare!

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write away your demonsThis week, I’ve been dipping into Mortification – Writers’ Stories of their Public Shame. If you haven’t read this book, I’d highly recommend that you do. It won’t make the bumpy writing road any less bumpy, but it will bring a smile/sigh of relief to your day.

For a bit of #wordspark fun, I’d like to imagine you’re already a published writer and you’ve been asked to do a reading and/or book launch. Now, imagine the worst possible scenario and exorcise that demon by writing it down. It can be as outlandish, nightmarish or bizarre as you like.

I suggest you stick to a maximum of 200 word, but if you’re getting carried away and want to write more, then do!

A good piece of advice I picked up: if you want to forget something, take it out and look at it. We all have our writing worries and demons, so let’s grab this one by its coat-tails and get rid of it for good!

Happy writing! 

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