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Building a Fictional World: Earthlings by Ray Star

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By Ray Star

A question I’m asked often about my debut novel, Earthlings – The Beginning, is how I created the Earthlings world. It’s strange, but this is the one part of the book I honestly feel I had minimal input towards. Earthlings is, in simplicity, the world as it is now, only with some roles reversed.

Earthlings tells the tale of a girl named Peridot, raised away from the realities of the world around her, and we follow her journey as she escapes the safety of her home, to make her way onto the mainland against her mother’s wishes. On her sixteenth birthday she ventures into the outside world only to discover it is not as she had been led to believe at all. All the species of Earth have full sentience, and humans, much to their demise, find themselves at the bottom of the food chain.

In the Earthlings world, we are what many species are to us in modern-day society, we are the food, the entertainment, the labour and in some communities – we are even pets. To create a world as bizarre as this, it was crucial for me to ensure that it was believable. But, I asked myself, how do you make the unbelievable – believable?

Why, with magick of course.

By incorporating magick into the story, it allowed the narrative to be pushed to the limit and to appeal to a wider target audience. That, and without it, the humans wouldn’t have stood a fighting chance in what is to come in books two and three. The humans will need the magick-born if they are to survive.

It was for this reason that there are no weapons in the Earthlings world, if I had created a world where humans still had access to guns and heavy machinery, the remaining species would most likely end up in a similar plight to the one they find themselves in now.

All species within the novel have the same level of sentience, to portray a higher level of understanding for each character. If a cow could talk as well as you or I, what would they say? What would they do? How would they feel? I applied this to each character, with an evil chicken named Alan intent on revenge for his woes, resulting as the lead villain in book one, followed closely by Amuraq, a grey wolf who along with his pack return to this country to reclaim their land.

As book one of the trilogy is set in Great Britain, I researched which animals were our native wildlife before our species brought them to extinction. Book two of the trilogy, will see the return of many of our once native creatures return, from lynxes to wild boars and grizzly bears. The human’s, fortunately for them, have the magick-born on their side, as without the use of heavy weaponry, they wouldn’t fare well against such creatures.

Whilst the magick-born characters are many of the protagonists within the story, I needed their abilities to be relatable too, so I included everyday rituals that I practise myself, to give the magickal side of the story an authentic feel to what is mostly, pure fantasy.

Many of the practises within the story pay homage to a mix of Pagan, Wiccan, and new age spiritualist traditions, from lunar living and following The Wheel of the Year, to crystal healing, grounding, and the unfathomable power of using intent, known by many nowadays as The Law of Attraction, or as I believe it be in its truest form; Magick.

I find that the true beauty of magick, is that anything is possible.

Admittedly, this was the one part of creating the Earthlings tale that I debated before writing. My base desire for writing the trilogy, was to create a world where readers were given an insight to ponder, if only for a moment, what life could be like, if our roles were reversed with our co-habitants of Earth.

As much as this was the objective of the book, as I began writing, it became apparent that this could not be the sole narrative, without the risk of alienating readers and having the complete opposite effect.

So, as I finished the prologue and Euan, the secondary protagonist, chose to take a leap of faith into the unknown, the use of magick within the story became the main narrative, with the Earthlings message, side stepping into a subliminal one. It is my hope that readers may digest the reality behind the words, but by their own admission, I do not want the message to be forced or too heavy. As an author I want people to enjoy my writing, as much as I want the subliminal message behind it to have a positive impact.

Readers can take what they need from the Earthlings tale and leave the rest.

As a huge YA Fantasy fan, adjusting the narrative was an easy, and thoroughly enjoyable transition to make. It allowed the characters an endless potential for good, or evil, making the possibilities within the story, so exciting to explore, and whilst I planned for the magickal aspect to have a semi-realism to it, I couldn’t resist giving some of the magick-born amplified gifts that are pure fantasy.

I chose to utilise what I felt coincided most with the message of the book. The gift of nature, the Elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Without any one of these properties, the world as we know it, would cease to exist. And yet, in the world around us, we pillage the Earth, pollute the Air, misuse Fire, contaminate Water and as a result, what is left of our beautiful planet’s Spirit, is a mere shadow of what it once was.

Another question I’m asked often is, ‘what is the true message behind the Earthling’s tale?’

If I’m being honest, the end question I’m hoping people will ponder is;

Is our world worth saving?

And, if, like me, you think it is…

Please, let’s come together, and save it.

(c) Ray Star


About Earthlings:

Peridot has lived a sheltered life. Raised on a remote island off the coast of England by an overprotective mother, Peri has never left the comfort of her home or met another child before. Until the night of her thirteenth birthday, when a strange boy appears at her window, filthy and malnourished, claiming to have escaped captivity from the mainland.

Her mother insists that the ways of the world are to remain concealed until her sixteenth birthday, but she unveils why they live in hiding, the mainland isn’t safe for their kind – they are born of magick. Not magic from stories and fables, but real magick from the days of old. The power to control earth, air, fire, water and spirit; an Elemental.

On her quest to learn the truth, Peridot leaves the island on her sixteenth birthday only to finally comprehend why the truth was kept from her. Life on the mainland is unlike anything she could have fathomed possible, humanity is enslaved, and the remaining species are in charge.

Peridot finds herself thrown into a world she wasn’t prepared for, caught amongst an ongoing battle between those trying to save humanity and the tyrants seeking to keep them enslaved.

Struggling to command magickal abilities she doesn’t fully understand or know how to control. Her abilities may be the helping hand needed to save humanity from an awful way of life, but at what cost?

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About the author

Ray Star is a Fantasy author from Essex with a passion for animal rights and eco-living. She can often be found writing, exploring nature and occasionally stargazing underneath a full moon with a tarot deck in one hand and a strong cuppa in the other.

Earthlings was conceived from a love for the environment and inspired by her father, whose passing was a catalyst in leading a greener lifestyle.

Ray’s dream is to one day open an animal sanctuary and wildlife reserve in memory of her father. Earthlings is Ray’s debut novel and the first book in the Earthlings trilogy.

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