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Keep Your Eyes on Me by Sam Blake

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By Sam Blake

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And now for something completely different….

But don’t panic, there will be more Cat Connolly one day!

After writing the Cat Connolly police procedural trilogy, my latest book is a total change – a standalone psychological thriller; TM Logan, bestselling author of the Richard and Judy Book Club choice, The Holiday says ‘Revenge is sweet in this deliciously entertaining thriller, as two women scorned aim to settle a few scores – with an ingenious plan that will have you cheering them every step of the way.’ I hope so! Out on 2nd January in print and digital in the UK and Ireland with Corvus Books, there is some very exciting audio news coming soon, watch this space 🙂

To avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet read No Turning Back, let’s just say that Cat is busy getting super fit and learning a range of new skills for her role in a very exciting Garda unit, one that is suiting her down to the ground (well more up in the air, but there’s lots on the ground too), so, with her occupied, my agent Simon Trewin suggested that I wrote a standalone…

There was only one hitch: when you’re writing a serial character, each new story is a bit like walking into the pub, saying hello to everyone, and finding out what’s going on. Your characters are developed and you know them so well that you can hear them chatting to each other.  Each character has their own story arc, as well as contributing to the story arc of each book, and the overall arc of the series. A standalone is a completely different prospect, it’s a whole new cast, a whole new concept and this time, writing a psychological thriller, took a whole different approach.

The biggest questions were: what was the story and whose story was it? Coming up with a new idea took a while – there were lots of concepts sketched out and developed, each one took the story development and characters one step further until I knew I had the start of an idea that might work.

I knew I wanted to write a book that involved airports – I travel a lot and have had some very interesting and strange experiences. I’ve met the most fascinating people and listened to their stories; I’ve ended up transferred to completely different airports that I might not otherwise have visited. I always feel that places where people meet and their stories intertwine are bursting with story – airports, stations, hotels, shops, museums – and Keep Your Eyes on Me has all of these elements. In writing a completely new story, I was able to bring together a lot of places that I love visiting – Bloomsbury in London, Killiney in Dublin and New York. Here’s a story board (left) focusing on the London elements (with a dash of New York!) I create story boards for all my books; for me, writing is very visual and having the images in front of me helps bring me back to the story if I’ve had a busy day, and also helps hugely when I’m writing location descriptions. I want the world of my characters to be as real as possible so that if you, as a reader, visits the location, you feel like you’re stepping into the world of the book.

Keep Your Eyes on Me features two very strong women: Lily Power and Vittoria Devine. Lily is a recently graduated jewellery designer who has been offered the job of a life time in New York, but the night before she leaves for the interview, she discovers that her brother has lost the family business, his livelihood and his home in a card game. How can Lily take the job and leave Jack on his own?

Vittoria is a former ballerina who had to give up her career after a car accident caused by her husband Marcus, an accident that also left her unable to have children. So when Vittoria discovers Marcus’s latest mistress is pregant she is devastated and needs to get away. He’s a pilot so she is able to use a crew pass and jump on the next flight to New York. When Vittoria and Lily meet quite by accident on the plane, they are both feeling vulnerable and are comforted by talking to a complete stranger – but as the conversation develops, they realise that they can help each other even the score…

In developing each character, I researched their backgrounds and created timelines so I knew exactly what they’d studied and where, as well as how old they were. Understanding them was crucial to understanding how they would interact and cope with the situations they found themselves in. It’s vital that characters change as a result of the story, or there is no story, and this is a book that is driven by the characters and their reactions to events. I’m a detailed plotter (more about the ways I do that here) but once the story starts to take off, I tend to write by instinct. Once I know what needs to happen and what the reader needs to learn in a given chapter, each one follows on naturally. That said, I always manage to make mess of the timeline somewhere, so now I write the date and time at the top of each chapter to try and keep it on track.

Keep Your Eyes on Me was inspired by Strangers on a Train (you guessed right), but also Dial M for Murder – it features stolen art, smuggled antiquities, and some devious scheming. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope readers enjoy it too!

About Keep Your Eyes on Me:

Sam Blake’s first psychological thriller follows her bestselling Cat Connolly trilogy…

‘Pacey and exciting and totally joyous.’ Jo Spain, bestselling author of The Confession

You won’t be able to look away

When Vittoria Devine and Lily Power find themselves sitting next to each other on a flight to New York, they discover they both have men in their lives whose impact has been devastating. Lily’s family life is in turmoil, her brother left on the brink of ruin by a con man. Vittoria’s philandering husband’s latest mistress is pregnant.

By the time they land, Vittoria and Lily have realised that they can help each other right the balance. But only one of them knows the real story…

‘Delightfully dark and satisfying’ Roz Watkins, author of the DI Meg Dalton series

Pick up your copy of Keep Your Eyes on Me in your local bookshop or online here.

Find out more about Sam Blake at www.samblakebooks.com or follow her on social @samblakebooks – sign up for her newsletter at her website and get a bonus short story in text and audio plus find out three things that she loves!

Rights enquiries to simon@simontrewin.co.uk

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About the author

Sam Blake is a pseudonym for Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, the founder of The Inkwell Group publishing consultancy and the multi award winning national writing resources website www.writing.ie. She is Ireland’s leading literary scout who has assisted many award winning and bestselling authors to publication.

Vanessa has been writing fiction since her husband set sail across the Atlantic for eight weeks and she had an idea for a book. The first in her bestselling Cat Connolly triology, Little Bones, was nominated for Irish Crime Novel of the Year.

Keep Your Eyes on Me, a standalone psychological thriller, is due out Jan 2020 with Corvus Books.

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