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How to Be Well: Abby Wynne

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how to be well

I remember going to a talk one time by a successful published author, the title was “How to get Published”. You can imagine the event was well subscribed, we all had notebooks in hand, eager for jewels of wisdom. The author told us she was 8 months pregnant watching daytime TV, she entered a competition, wrote a novel and was the runner up. The publisher offered her a contract and that’s how she got published. Open mouths all round! It doesn’t happen like that, it certainly didn’t for me, I went the long way round.

I am a Shamanic Psychotherapist and a Reiki Master Teacher. I set up a private practice seeing clients and teaching healing techniques 6 years ago, but before that I was a scriptwriter, an educator, and a course designer. I am a writer, it is in me, and I must write. So when interesting material came to light from the client work I was doing, I wrote about it. I started a blog, I got a Facebook account, I tried my hand at Twitter. I wrote about solutions to common themes I saw in clients, I wrote exercises and lessons for my students, that’s where I started.

My students asked me “How will I remember to do my Reiki after the classes have ended?” so I wrote a workbook called The Reiki Hours, with suggestions for mindfulness exercises with Reiki for morning, afternoon and evening. I got excited. It was substantial, something I could put on my website and sell to other students of Reiki. I sent it to a Reiki Master for her endorsement and was disappointed when she wrote back and said “This isn’t Reiki” (she is pedantic). Then I realised – If I add in a section about Energy Healing, and take the label “Reiki” off, I could actually sell this to anyone, not just the Reiki community. So I made a PDF, with a lavish design (I got some help) and it sold, my Facebook community loved it. They asked for a paperback version.

My dream at that time was to eventually be published by Hay House. They are the biggest Mind Body Spirit publisher in the world, and all the spiritual teachers I admired had at one time or another published through Hay House. Yet it felt grand and far-off to me, but I investigated it and found Balboa Press, a subsidiary self-publishing company of Hay House.  I submitted, and for a rather whopping fee they said they would publish my book but I would have to do all the promotion. In exchange for that I got a Hay House logo on the back of the book (good energy) and I agreed. My philosophy is that I am running a business, and you have to invest money to make money. So I went the self-publishing route for my first book, Energy Healing for Everyone.

Abby WyneIn the meantime I set up an email list and wrote a newsletter called weekly energy tips. My Facebook and Twitter was growing, and sales of Energy Healing for Everyone were trickling in the background. My client practice was growing fast. I was booked out weeks in advance. I realised over time that my way of working isn’t common sense, it’s quite unique. The work my clients did was long-term transformational. And people loved the emails, I would get huge responses back each week with “This is just what I needed to hear!!”. So after a year of emails I ran a Facebook competition, people submitted hundreds of photographs and I choose 52, one for each week of the year. This time I published with Create Space, called it Spiritual Tips for Enlightenment, with 52 amazing photos from Facebook people and 52 weeks content from my emails.

But still the need to write pressed upon me, a new book was longing to be born. I suspended client work for three weeks and dictated a book into my phone’s audio recorder. Then, as clients came back, I took time transcribing it, and entitled it How to Be Well. This book was big, I felt it too important for me to publish alone, so I learnt how to write a proper book pitch (thanks Vanessa!) and I sent it to a few publishers according to their submission guidelines, including Hay House. At that stage my Facebook page was over 100,000, my Twitter a good 20,000 and I was experimenting with other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Oh yes, my email list was growing too.

Months passed with no response from publishers OR agents. Six months in fact. I had decided that How to Be Well would be published no matter what, even if I had to do it myself again, so I nudged Hay House simply to see if they received the pitch. My now editor wrote back almost straight away and said she hadn’t read it yet, could I give her a week or two? Could I what?

They liked me but they weren’t sure about the book. They liked my social media platforms, but my email list wasn’t big enough. Could I write a smaller book for them about Energy Healing? And work on my email list in the meantime? Of course I said yes.

Energy Healing Basics was published by Hay House in May 2015. But my true love, How to Be Well, at this stage more than 3 years old, was still waiting for the world to be ready. I knew something would open when the time was right, so I stepped away from my attachment to it and sent a brand new book pitch in to Hay House, something about emotional eating and energy healing….. “What do you think?” I asked them and they asked for How to Be Well instead. They were ready for it. And so was I!

(c) Abby Wynne

About How to be Well

In her work as a shamanic psychotherapist, Abby Wynne helps people to release repetitive patterns of stress and create huge space for wellness, happiness, peace and empowerment. In How to Be Well, Abby reveals her best methods for readers to take their wellbeing into their own hands.

Through simple explanations and highly practical exercises, you will increase your self-awareness and learn how to work actively with your heart, mind and soul to create deep transformational change. Doing the exercises and making the changes suggested in the book may lead to a decrease in physical pain, a feeling of being more present in your life, and an increase in your feelings of peace and stability in the world.

Learn how to:
– heal your relationships
– create stronger boundaries
– release stress and anxiety
– reach a new level of vibrant health
– create a healthier environment
– reach your full potential and create a life you love!

By working through the healing techniques in this book, you will experience more vibrant health and happiness and have the tools you need to maintain your wellbeing for the rest of your life.

How to be Well is in bookshops now or pick up your copy online here!

Abby Wynne is a Shamanic Psychotherapist and Energy Healer working in private practice in Dublin, Ireland. She teaches people how to reconnect to their heart and soul and become more available for life. Abby’s newest book is How to be Well, published by Hay House. She has published 3 other books, recorded 2 CD’s and has healing meditations and sessions available on her website for download. You can join Abby for online classes such as her 21 day Raise Your Vibration Bootcamp, receive her weekly energy tips email, or connect with her thriving social media community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Find out more about Abby on her website abby-wynne.com


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