Why I Wrote Stop!! Killing Yourself by Ralph Montague

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Stop Killing Yourself

By Ralph Montague

‘By actioning the advice in the book before it’s too late,
positive changes can still be achieved and enjoyed – tenfold.’
– Ralph Montague

A chap called Chris Rabaoiti is the reason that I decided to become an author of self-help books.

‘Who is he?’ You are most likely wondering…

Well, back in November 2006, a good friend of mine, ten years my senior, warned me rather sternly that if I carried on partying at the rate I was, I would end up the same way as some of his friends sadly had. His precise words were; “Ralph, I have seen friends just like you who have partied hard, then hit their mid-thirties and aged by a decade overnight and now look and feel terrible.”

The moment he said those words to me, was the moment I knew that I would make dammed sure that didn’t ever happen to me, and this is when I began on my quest to, as Cher would say, ‘turn back time.’

You see, Chris was right, I was not your typical party animal. I was a seriously enthusiastic party animal. Some would say, an over-indulgent one, and they would be quite right. I partied most nights, most weeks, most months, all year round.

Looking back to those rock n roll days (well, nights) and writing this now sixteen years later aged forty-two years young, I really don’t know where we got the energy to party and socialise five nights out of seven, but we did. And whilst I had ever so much fun, the sad reality was, as my friend so poignantly pointed out, time would catch up with me eventually. And this is where the motivation to write Stop!! Killing Yourself.. (S.K.Y) came from.

The original S.K.Y workbook actually started as mini-guides to myself, on each of the key areas that I knew I had to apply to keep looking, and even more importantly, feeling young. It was only when I had created an extremely comprehensive array of each topic, what later turned out to be the chapters, that it dawned on me what I had created, almost by accident. I remember commenting that it was like my own personal book written by me, for myself.

Then, after speaking with friends it became apparent that other people wanted to read it and commented what a great help this would be for people and perhaps, I should look to get the book published. The workbook theme and concept started as a checklist that I could quickly glance at to check in on what I was doing, what still needed improving, and then in turn remind myself of the sections that I had missed.

With the idea of a beginner’s guide to longevity book now firmly planted in my head, I went about thinking of all the ways I could make not just the simplest book in the world on living longer, but the easiest as well. I knew the number of great books over the years that I had read, full of gems and yet barely a few weeks later, I had forgotten a lot of them. I wanted S.K.Y to be different. A book where people are not just made aware of new and important information, but a book that could easily guide readers to take positive actions today, rather than in months or years to come, when it could be too late for them.

The funny thing is, I plan to read S.K.Y back to myself once or twice a year, as, after all, it was originally written for my eyes only! I also have a book on sleep coming out next year in 2023, the next in the STOP!! series, entitled, STOP!! Waking Up Tired…The Beginner’s Guide to Sleeping, with a third STOP!! workbook to release later the following year. My main hope for the series is that the workbooks give people a wake-up call, before it’s too late, as perhaps, it may have been too late for me had I not checked in with myself and actioned the methods in my first workbook myself.

On a personal level, my beloved mother has lost the ability to move, and hasn’t left our drawing room for a year this December. Quite simply, she can’t. She has the final stages of dementia and can’t move. Then, there is my father who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the start of this year. If my mum and dad could have read this book even just five years ago and actioned what I have learnt and written about, things would be very different for them now. Life’s cruel like that.

Ultimately, my aim is to help people like my parents, who are successful, fun, and kind people who don’t know any better, and who could make reasonably minor changes to certain habits and routines and add years to their lives in doing so. By actioning the advice in the book before it’s too late, positive changes can still be achieved and enjoyed – tenfold. In turn, readers can make the changes today and lead long and fulfilling lives, unlike my parents, whom it’s just simply too late for.

Whilst the advice in Stop!! Killing Yourself.. can help people of all ages, the book is aimed at those over thirty-five, although, I would be delighted to see more people in their twenties realise that they won’t live forever (perhaps not just yet anyway) and take proactive action today. And, for a man with over £100,000 worth of longevity machines at home, the guidance in the book, beats that stuff hands down. We have to learn to walk before we can run. I want to teach readers how. Join me, won’t you? Let’s live longer together.

(c) Ralph Montague

About Stop!! Killing Yourself:

Stop Killing Yourself

You are not alone as nearly everyone wants to live longer, but it’s been made unnecessarily difficult to achieve with contradicting advice from endless sources and added complications from experts making it hard to understand, with complex theories and unpronounceable words.


This workbook was written to make things simple and easy to action, with a no-nonsense approach to longevity. The information and advice is straight forward to follow, with minimal fuss to help achieve maximum results.

In this workbook, we will cover the core areas in your life where change needs to happen, in an approach that is easy to action, split into three sections: Remove, Improve and Action.

  1. Remove: Discusses the habits and lifestyle choices that are literally killing you.
  2. Improve: Covers everyday routines where making simple changes can enhance your life and dramatically improve your health, happiness, and outlook on life.
  3. Action: In line with the philosophy of making this book easy and actionable to follow, there are two action plans to help make the first step to living longer a very real, and exciting reality, with a five or ten-year plan to choose from.

With journal questions and prompts as part of the actioning process, STOP!! KILLING YOURSELF… allows you to get an understanding of where you are today, where you can be in a matter of just a few days, and where you want to be in the future.


Order your copy online here.

About the author

Ralph is a longevity coach from Monmouthshire, Great Britain with a focus on sleep and energy mastery. Ralph’s passion for longevity evolved from working within the anti-ageing industry for over twenty years. This, coupled with hands-on experience of living life to the full in his younger years, and wanting to maximise health in his current years, prompted Ralph to put his knowledge and expertise into a series of informative and entertaining self-help books, to encourage people to live longer, with truly life-changing results for readers.

Ralph studied at Reading University completing a BSc in Investment Banking, followed by an MSc in Real Estate and is also the author of the UK’s leading aesthetics business book; The Profitable Clinic.

Ralph is an expert when it comes to longevity, having maintained his youth with the tips in his book, and owning the following longevity and anti-aging devices; Cryotherapy Chamber, Localised Cryotherapy Device, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT), Oxygen Facial Device, Skin Repair Pen, Fat Freezing Machine, Red Light Therapy, Adaptive Oxygen Therapy, HIFU Machine and a HIFEM Accelerated Muscle Stimulation device – all at his home address. Ralph recalls with humour an afterparty with friends, as six of them squeezed into his single use hyperbaric oxygen chamber that evening, well morning!

The first within the STOP!! Series, is aptly named STOP!! Killing yourself – The Beginners Guide to Living Longer by Removing and Improving, encouraging readers to maximise their longevity with easy-to-follow guidance, checklists and prompts.

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