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I am Dubliner working as a Professor of Marketing at Royal Holloway, University of London. Mostly I do academic writing in the field of consumer culture and I publish across the fields of philosophy, culture studies, geography, political economy, sociology and of course, marketing and consumer research. I also am a co-editor in chief of the journal Consumption, Markets & Culture. I generally write leftist analyses of consumer culture and am strongly grounded in Continental Philosophy.

I am keen to publish more popular press work. I have published two books with Repeater Books: Advertising Revolution and the Dictionary of Coronavirus Culture and I also do writing for the Guardian, Novara Media and elsewhere.

I want to publish more critical analysis of Irish consumer and popular culture. In particular, I want to write about the Late Late Toy Show and would love to speak to agents and publishers who might be interested in engaging with me.


Advertising Revolution: The Story of a Song From Beatles Hit to Nike Jingle

In 1985, Nike licensed the song ‘Revolution’ by the Beatles for an advertisement campaign. The ad was spectacularly successful, establishing Nike and the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy as giants in consumer culture and is widely regarded as one of the greatest ads ever produced. The ad was also enormously controversial, outraging Beatles fans and leftists who resented the appropriation of a leftist anthem for advertising shoes. But the song was hardly a leftist outcome and in the resulting scandal, including a high profile case where the Beatles sued Nike, things became more and more strange. This book, co-authored with Linda Scott, attempts a cultural analysis of a landmark event in the emergence of consumer culture. This book has also been translated into Italian and Spanish.

Dictionary of Coronavirus Culture

Following the popular podcast, Quarantined Market Culture, Alan Bradshaw and Joel Hietanen present a series of short keyword essays where notable academics review cultural phenomena relating to life and political economy during lockdown.

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