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Andy Leavy

Location: Dublin
Facilitates workshops.
Speaks at events.
Speaks to writer groups.
Speaks to book clubs.


Andy Leavy is an Irish storyteller and writer, focusing mostly on graphic novels, comic books and short stories.
When he isn’t writing he can be found reading, practising Jiu-Jitsu, gaming or occasionally fighting owls wherein he holds a respectable 15-4 record.
He often drinks outside looking out for publishers, stopping anyone who walks by and asking if they are one.


Osaka Mime

Osaka Mime is a horror-fantasy graphic novel that follows two Osaka detectives as they investigate the murder of a couple. The detectives soon learn that the murderer is a shadowy, shape-shifting monster that can take the form of the last person they have eaten known as a Mime.

How do you capture a suspect that could be anyone at any given time?

Written by Andy Leavy
Art by Hugo Araujo
Letters by Robin Jones
Published by Behemoth Comics

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