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Anne Daly

Location: County Laois, Ireland


Born in 1969 and raised in Dublin, Anne Daly worked in retail management, and the STEM sector; building and repairing computers. She is a member of Writing.ie and an associate member of ALLI.

As a mother of two, Anne credits them for inspiring in her, a passion to help children understand life. This has become the driving force of her writing.

Anne emigrated to America when she was an adult; but moved back to Ireland to take care of her sick mother. When she was 36 years old, and married ten years, she realised she’d better hurry up and have kids, before her womb dried up.

She now lives in the middle of Ireland, in a little bungalow, with her husband, two children (the womb was grand, thank God), 3 stray cats, and a very uncomfortable writing chair; which she really needs to replace. Anne is creative, loves nature, and never wants to be in another pandemic again. Ever.


Careers for Girls front cover

Careers for Girls. Let go the Sandbags and dream BIG.

Careers for Girls. Diverse, inclusive women in STEM, Trade and Art. A few have wheelchairs, prosthesis,
or scars; all are equally strong; happy and valued. Hand-drawn, original art . Help girls to
dream BIG.

Young girls see a lot of pink, princesses, fairies, and skinny models with makeup; all fun to play with,
but where are the role models to balance out their expectation of real life?

Who can show girls they have value and can become important in their field of work; invent new technology; discover new medicines; inspire others; or choose a career that could save people, animals, or even the whole world?

16 female role models for STEM, Trade and Art careers; strong, diverse, inclusive. No make-up or fake nails; no false tan or fake eyelashes; these ladies care more about the work they do, and the difference they make.

This 54 page book features:
• Explanations of what STEM is, and why men dominate STEM jobs worldwide
• Why girls are not getting into STEM; and how to help them
• 16 careers with explanations, and a “What’s so great about…” section
• Original hand-drawn, digitally coloured artwork
• Entertaining backgrounds for younger readers
• Irish places of interest
• “Did You See” pages
• “Fill In” page
• “Draw yourself in your favourite career” page
• “Friends” and “Girls Supporting Girls logo”
• “Tap Water” poem/tune, to encourage water conservation, for Green Schools and homes
• “Me too” picture

Help take the focus away from what girls can look like;
to what girls can do. Give a young girl in your life,
the gift of a bright future; and let her dream BIG.

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