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Audrey Moore

Location: Kildare, Ireland


Audrey studied Print, Media and Journalism in Ballyfermot College of Further Education for three years. She then went on to do work experience in RTE Radio, Today FM and INN. Audrey took a full time job in a solicitors office which was to be on a temporary basis and ended up really enjoying the experience and went on to study law for two years in Griffith College. Whilst on maternity leave in 2012 , an idea for a story came into her head while she was trying to get her daughter to sleep. The story was about a panda and why they only eat bamboo. She fleshed out the story on her laptop and wrote a further three stories for the series of Ping and Po-Li. She published her first book in October 2015 and has been busy attending schools, libraries and events across the county. Audrey launched her second book Ping and Po-Li, Rainforest Rescue in April 2019 and will be busy over the coming months as she is attending schools in Meath, Dublin, Kilkenny, Offaly and libraries in Clare and Wexford. Audrey works as a Legal Executive in Hanahoe & Hanahoe Solicitors in Naas, Kildare in the areas of personal injuries and criminal law. She lives in the countryside of Kilcullen with her husband Ray, three children Jessica, Elinor, Jamie,dog Sam, 6 ex-battery hens and the oldest golfish, eleven year old Richard!


Ping and Po-Li

Ping the Panda tires of eating bamboo and takes a stroll to Teekan Village to his friend Po-Li. They embark on a food adventure through the Asian Rainforest in search of tasty treats. They have great fun discovering what other animals eat and meet some very interesting new friends along the way, including a coconut crab and a vulture named Vicky.

All the animals that feature in the book are endangered and there is a ‘Did You Know’ section at the back of the book with fun facts. Also, there is a fun map at the end to ‘Follow the trail of Ping and Po-Li’ through the Asian Rainforest.

Look out for the silent characters on each page!

Ping and Po-Li, Rainforest Rescue

Late at night, deep in the Asian Rainforest, some unwelcome visitors are casting great peril upon certain small furry animals. Can Ping and Po-Li and friends overcome their fears and work together in this adventure story?

All of the animals that feature in this book are endangered and there is a ‘Did You Know?’ section at the back of the book with fun facts.

Look out for the silent characters on each page!

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