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Brigid O’Connor

Location: County Meath


Brigid O’Connor is an Irish fiction writer. She was brought up on the north side of Dublin. Her passion for writing was ignited when she won a pound for a poem published in an Irish newspaper, aged 13. Her work has won and been shortlisted for many Irish writing competitions. Her stories have been broadcast nationally on RTÉ Radio 1 – Francis McManus Short Story shortlisted, RTÉ Arena, RTÉ The Book Show and RTÉ Sunday Miscellany.

Her work on RTÉ Lyric FM was broadcast live on national radio at the launch of the programme’s anthology in The National Concert Hall. An essay from the show was selected by RTÉ Radio 1 Playback’s ‘The Best of 2009’ and broadcast on the show.
Her poem ‘Boy-Man’ was selected for the New Irish Writing (Hennessy Awards Literary Competition) page in the Irish Independent on 30 April 2011.
She was also shortlisted for the RTE Guide/Penguin Ireland Short Story competition Sept 2013 for a story ‘Extra Virgin Olive’.
Her piece, Lololi, was the winner in the Northside Love Stories competition and was read on opening night at the Axis Theatre, Dublin.

Brigid also writes film screenplays and two of her screenplays made it to the top 11% of BBC Writersroom’s annual selection process in Drama and Comedy.
She also writes Children’s Animation. She was the Development scriptwriter for “Sullivan Sails”, working with Distillery Films, which received development funding from Screen Ireland.

She was a contributing writer to children’s animated T.V. Series ‘MyaGo’. She wrote two episodes – MyaGo ‘Camping’ and MyaGo ‘Basketball’. These two episodes were broadcast on RTÉjr and abroad.


No Known Relatives

Everything in Angela’s Dublin house has a prefix – Normandy sourced, south facing, overly ambitious husband.
She’s gone along with it all – the small talk, the hyena laughter of the women in the social circle she and Matthew
inhabit in Dublin. Until now.
Her carefully manicured life is about to be threatened when a woman from her past returns to Dublin, launching some emotional grenades in Angela’s direction.
In a nursing home on the outskirts of Dublin, Martha, a young nurse, becomes obsessed with the past.

It’s 2009. The financial markets are crashing. Bank balances and relationships begin to crumble.
Matthew, a charismatic charmer, is hiding from his financial investors. He has taken to watching ducks in St. Stephen’s Green. Laughing to himself holding bags of breadcrumbs. He’s one breadcrumb closer to being the town lunatic.
Here come the men in the whitecoats. Angela is hunting him down. Matthew had promised her one thing.
Can their marriage based on lies and elaborate charades survive?
Especially when those ominous three words appear.
No. Further. Credit.

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No Known Relatives - Paperback version.

Available from Amazon Germany, delivering to Ireland.

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