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Bryant Lusk is an American author and military veteran who was raised on the south side of Chicago. Despite growing up in a challenging environment of poverty and gang violence, he became a successful Air Traffic Safety Inspector and Quality Control Specialist with the United States Government. His name hails from Lusk Ireland, just outside of Dublin.

He spent a little time working in the UK: once while in the US Air Force, and again as an Engineer with a global aerospace corporation. He has fond memories of Swindon, Essex, Burton on the Water, and London. He still laughs about getting lost on a roundabout.

Bryant’s desire to serve and protect others led him to write the first installment to his 2019 Share The Health book series.

In his free time, Bryant enjoys watching classic films, cultural encounters, and traveling abroad.


Osteoporosis & Osteopenia: Vitamin Therapy for Stronger Bones

Millions of people unknowingly suffer from low bone density, which can lead to debilitating osteoporosis–chronic back pain, a curved spine, and even bone fractures. Are you one of them?

The way bones form inside your body is truly incredible! For maximum density and strength, you must treat them and your hormones to a steady supply of select vitamins and minerals via diet and supplements. This easy-to-follow vitamin therapy approach is a natural treatment designed to fuel your body’s ability to increase bone density, improve trabecular bone score (TBS) quality, and prevent bone fractures, no matter when you start. Men and women of all ages can prevent osteoporosis, and even reverse it.

Osteoporosis & Osteopenia: Vitamin Therapy for Stronger Bones provides a wealth of information on:

Keeping your miraculous bones strong

Dangerous myths about vitamins and minerals

How popular fat burners harm your bones

What young adults should do now to avoid osteoporosis

The real solution to vitamin D deficiency

And so much more…

Treat osteoporosis naturally. You can achieve significant long-term results in your bone health with the smallest investments. Simply apply the information contained in this book and improve your entire life.

SHARE THE HEALTH. Start building better bones today!


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