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Catherine Brophy

Location: Bray Co. Wicklow
Facilitates workshops.
Speaks at events.
Speaks to writer groups.
Speaks to book clubs.


Catherine Brophy is a writer, storyteller, broadcaster and workshop facilitator. She has written and published novels short stories and blogs by the cartload. She has written for T.V. and radio. She has given workshops, told stories and given readings her in Ireland of course but also in Britain, Germany, Netherlands Hungary, Poland and the U.S.


The Liberation of Margaret Mc Cabe

The coming of age story of a late developer


A science fantasy novel. On Zintilla logic and order are the guiding principles. So much so that the inhabitants have evolved no longer need their limbs and live in an enclosed space. But outside this space there are rebels and inside, one who defies the law and escapes to take a journey though time and space.

Burning Bright

The Celtic Tiger is rampaging and the Kerrigans are splashing the cash. Daddy’s girl Kirsty wants to be a celebrity because she believes she’s ” worth it”. She achieves her ambition but not the way she expected.

Gigolos for Jesus

A collection of short stories with a touch of magic realism.

  • The Dark Room: A thrilling new novel from the number one Irish Times bestselling author of Keep Your Eyes on Me
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