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Clive Dev

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Location: Dublin-9 / Ireland

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I am Clive from Ireland, I write Script / Screen play for films. My Speciality is Fiction - Mystery, Thriller, Crime and Action. My first creation is Strangers Inside- Detective Dev Crime Thriller Series ( Based On True Events ). I have 20 years experience in the film industry. My professional back ground is in personal fitness and nutrition. As a child, I used to scribble on the walls of my bedroom in my sleep. Now I know that the creative person inside me was responsible for that. My website is clivestorycreations.com. Please post your comments.

Books by Clive Dev

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True Colors : The Accidental Heist

People show their TRUE COLORS when they desire something unlawfully. When we covet someone else’ property, we show what we are really made of. However, the joy of acquiring does not last forever......When Jason escapes from prison after ten years, it is not as easy as he thought it will be. He braves the perils and reaches a safe harbor.Here he witnesses two murders that leads him to conduct an accidental heist.A compelling story of twists and turns; adventure and drama.

Author book

Strangers Inside : Detective Dev Crime Thriller Series

What is the punishment for such a crime? Should he get life sentence? Should he be forgiven or should he die? How as the death of these two vulnerable people avenged? No one should go through this kind of experience in their life. It shakes the trust that a person has placed on another. What are people supposed to do? Never open their hearts and homes to anyone? If we all lived with such a paranoia then, everyone will be a STRANGER INSIDE.

Author book

Some Good Hearts Still.....

The Life of a person may not be the way it seems to us.
The image on the other side of the coin is always different.
Rosa saw the other side of the life Of Charlie. Without realizing it herself; she over time, led him gently to his other side.
Some good hearts still ..........

Author book

THE PROMISE BETWEEN US - Detective Dev Crime Thriller Series

Revenge was a dish that was best served cold and he had a score to settle. He had waited five painstakingly long years to do what he was about to embark on.
His nemesis needed to be brought down. Killing him will not do the job. What is the best way to bring about his demise? A demise that he can experience…….

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