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Evan Walsh

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I’m a 17 year old aspiring writer. My debut novel, Butterfly Macabre: A Mask of Lies, is coming out soon. I mainly write and read mystery, fantasy and sci-fi.


Butterfly Macabre: A Mask of Lies

A train, a mask, and a woman with stardust in her soul.

Yulia is an alien from another world, masking the past she can’t escape from with the dream of a life of adventures through time and space, but when the voice of a dead man poisons her mind, all hope is tainted.

When Yulia comes crashing to Earth, Marshal’s world is torn apart as his eyes are opened to the wonders of the Universe, and a deathly fate. A masked puppet awakens, sending rifts between him and his sister Cherry. Yulia must choose between instinct and trust as the voice grows louder, and a plan spanning eons is forged.

All seems simple, good and evil, life and death, past and future, but nothing is ever black and white. The grey lurks in the lightest shadows, hiding the lethal questions…

…Just who is Cherry, and who is pulling the puppet’s strings?

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