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James Freel-Stevenson

Location: Dublin


I’m a professional technical author working on assignment in Dublin. I’m Scottish, live permanently in France with my Russian Wife. I’ve spent most of my life on the road, living in South Africa, Spain, France, and several other short-term assignment locations.
For sure, I have many stories to tell, and, in different Genre’s.
I’ve been down the self-publishing route and done it badly! Much to my personal and financial cost.
I gave up creative writing five years ago because the same ego that led me to think I was an accomplished writer, also led me to believe I had failed! That’s old news now, and I’m back with humility and prepared to learn and practice my craft professionally.
I may have found my voice now, but others can be the judge of that.
My previous works have been unpublished for now. I will re-work these manuscripts and polish them up to an acceptable level and try again.


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