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Jay Spencer Green

Location: Dublin
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Award-winning Indie Novelist and Weirdo. Dark farces a specialty. Currently working on a Nazi-Zombie-Brexit satire written in the form of an encylopaedia (Aardvark to Zidane).


Breakfast at Cannibal Joe's

Darkly funny, desperate, and full of rage. Breakfast at Cannibal Joe’s is a dystopian comedy like no other. It’s debauched, depraved, delirious, delightful. Lisa McInerney called it “Savagely funny and deftly anarchic.” The Bloomfield Review says, “Like an obnoxious spy-comedy seen through the eyes of a filthy drunk … The language can be absurdly, almost heroically obscene.” The TBR Pile says, “Bonkers. Weird. Surreal. Satirical. Politically incorrect. Clever. Absurd. Witty. Disgusting.” Winner of the 2015 Lord of the Book Covers award. Voted No. 6 in the 50 Top Indie Books of 2015.

Joe Chambers is a CIA operative working in Dublin. Assigned to an agency-fronted publishing house, his problems include, but are not limited to, errant MI6 agents, insane profit-making schemes, a Francoist dwarf, and a tapeworm named Steve. He is an utterly reprehensible character, fond of submerging his head in a sink-full of whiskey and fantasising about brutally murdering irritating teenagers. He is, in other words, the perfect guide to this bizarre and repulsive journey into Dublin’s gutters.

Jay Spencer Green presents a twisted and exaggerated, but wholly recognisable vision of Dublin. A place of suicide bombings, mass canine culling in the Phoenix Park, “cheap Moore Street socks (35 euros for 6 pairs)”, online divorce, and enough red tape and bureaucracy to drive a man to murder. A place where “cat’s cheese salad” and a dubious pork/human hybrid meat share the menu. It is a Dublin of no redemption.

A raucous mix of double crosses, brothels, triple crosses, and cocktail recipes, Breakfast at Cannibal Joe’s is a dark, twisted, and picaresque tale, a transgressive black comedy like no other.

Ivy Feckett is Looking for Love: A Birmingham Romance

The “nerds-against-the-patriarchy” romcom guaranteed to tickle your inner geek!

When brainiac dweebs and smooth-talking power players meet up, there’s no telling what can happen. In the case of Ivy Feckett, what happens is a nonstop romp of wry, quirky fun.

Bookish Ivy’s cluelessness is as endearing as it is comical, from the first peek into her random sexual fantasies to the moment she realizes that her boss, the rich, handsome Ned Hartfield, is a serial manipulator with “wealth-induced Asperger’s.” Her search for love may not go as smoothly as her search for geocaches, but its route through awkward hookups, clumsy intrigue, and fake evangelicals is both hilarious and touching.

The second novel from award-winning author Jay Spencer Green, Ivy Feckett is Looking for Love is an outrageous, hilarious, and uplifting tale that will have you amused while you muse, cackling while you contemplate, and chortling while you cogitate. Sometimes all at once!

Voted Best Indie Comedy Book of 2016.

Fowl Play

Voted Best Indie Comedy 2018

Ladies’ man Josiah Joshua Jordan King is a rising star for the Trafford Titans in the new and wildly popular sport of Chicker. But he’s also a professional hitman and union buster on behalf of the league’s management. With the European Championship final against Barcelona looming, he gets wind of a filthy commie plot to scupper the whole shebang. Can he lead his team to victory while neutralizing the Reds, or will his dreams of international glory be thwarted by a faceless conspiracy that threatens civilization itself?

A mutant cross-breed of Rollerball, The Wicker Man and Chicken Run, Fowl Play is satirist Jay Spencer Green at his weirdest and most outrageous, a laugh-out-loud dark comedy in which the headless chickens are not confined to the farmyard.

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