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John Joe McGinley

Location: Glassagh Donegal
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My name is John Joe McGinley I am a 53-year man. I am passionate about history, my family and our planet. I live in Glassagh by the Wild Atlantic ocean in County Donegal Ireland. I am a writer, podcaster, blogger, radio host and campaigner for autism awareness and the rights of special needs children.

I write for Irelands Own magazine, the Irishcentral.com and the Irishstory.com websites usually on Irish American history or whatever hidden gem I come across.

To give something back to my community I run a social media suite centred around www.wildatlanticgweedore.com This promotes the beauty and history of our beautiful parish.

I have just published my first book www.irishwiseguys.ie and I am busy on my latest project a new website to help other parents with children on the autism spectrum www.autismdad.ie Two of my 4 boys are on the spectrum and I want to share our families experiences to help other parents.

I have a rock show on a local community radio rossesradio.com


Irish Wise Guys

The Irish Wise Guys is a no-holds-barred account by John Joe McGinley focusing on the most notorious Irish American Gangsters, crime bosses for whom death and destruction was a daily currency in their lives. Gangsters like Whitey Bulger, Vincent ‘Mad Dog’ Coll, George ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly and Owney ‘The Killer’ Madden. In different circumstances these men could have been captains of industry, politicians or union leaders. Instead they choose a path of crime that would make them into some of the most wanted men in America….

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