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Lorna Gold

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Location: Maynooth, Ireland
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Dr Lorna Gold is an author and climate activist working in Ireland. She has worked with Trócaire for almost twenty years in the areas of policy, advocacy and research. She holds a PhD in Economic Geography from the University of Glasgow where she researched the origins of the ‘sharing economy’, published in 2004 as 'New Financial Horizons - the Emergence of an Economy of Communion'. She now lectures in Applied Social Studies at Maynooth University. She is vice-chair of the board of the Catholic Climate Movement and is a member of the government advisory group on the National Climate Dialogue. Her most recent book Climate Generation – Awakening to our Children’s Future, published by Veritas, tells her personal story of waking up to the ecological emergency as a mum and has been described by Naomi Klein as ‘an anguished journey into the heart of the climate crisis’. She engages widely in public debate on climate change in Ireland and internationally.

Books by Lorna Gold

Author book

Climate Generation - Awakening to our Children's Future

Environmentalist Lorna Gold issues a clarion call to take immediate action on climate change or risk bequeathing a stark legacy to future generations. Lorna shares her personal journey in coming to understand what ‘climate change’ means to her both as an activist and as a mother who is fearful for her children’s prospects in a world that hovers on the brink of destruction. Rather than simply lament the grave situation facing our planet, however, Climate Generation offers the reader hope and a manifesto for change.

Author book

New Financial Horizons - The Emergence of an Economy of Communion

The Economy of Communion involves a worldwide network of solidarity among some 800 firms that together constitute a vibrant business community based upon the values of sharing, caring and justice. Drawing on the experiences of an international sample of business and community leaders, particularly from the United States and Brazil, Lorna Gold explains the historical and philosophical origins of this fascinating global community.

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