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Margaret Grant

Location: Normally based in South Tipperary, currently in Galway.
Facilitates workshops.
Speaks at events.
Speaks to writer groups.
Speaks to book clubs.


Margaret grew up in South Tipperary. She lived in Tokyo for eleven years and was there when Japan was rocked by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Her experiences on that day and in the weeks and months that followed formed the inspiration for her novel, Three Eleven.
She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. She works in education, most recently as an ESOL tutor for Tipperary ETB. She also guided creative writing workshops at South Tipperary Arts Centre in Clonmel.


Three Eleven

Charlotte, Lauren, Fumiko, Katherine and Sinéad: five friends who share a passion for reading. They have something else in common: They live in Tokyo.

The women plan to discuss “Middlemarch” at their next book club meeting, but five days before they are due to meet, Japan is hit by the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in that earthquake prone country. In Tokyo, more than 200 miles from the epicentre, people cower in the streets as the ground shakes and skyscrapers sway above them. The tsunamis further North kill almost 20,000 people and damage or destroy over one million buildings.

None of the five friends lose their homes or their loved ones to the disaster, but the experience of that enormous quake and the near constant aftershocks causes each of them to question everything about their lives.

They will never meet to discuss “Middlemarch”. In the months and years following the earthquake, their lives spin off in new directions as each woman explores ways to heal and find peace.

This is their story.

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