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Martina O’Flaherty

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Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
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I never set out to become a writer. I didn't plan on emigrating to The Netherlands either. Funny how life works out. I’m originally from Galway, and even though I’ve been living in The Netherlands for fourteen years, I still long for the ol’ cuppa and the digestive. I’ve even managed to teach my six year old how to perfect his dunking skills.

I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and completed two postdoctoral studies. My novel started as a creative outlet to vent my frustrations when I couldn’t figure out why my two-year-old got so mad all the time.

Since his diagnosis of Asperger’s, when he was three, I have set up an Autism Café for parents and guardians of children on the autism spectrum. It’s one of fifteen such cafes in The Netherlands. The website is in Dutch but feel free to check it out www.autismecafe.nl. I hope google translate does it justice.

I live in the province of Utrecht with my incredible husband and three wonderful children. I’d like to go back to Galway more often than time permits, but I’m comforted by the fact that even though the city might change, the people never do.

Books by Martina O’Flaherty

Living with Brian

High-flying criminal lawyer Anne Williams decides to put her career on hold when her youngest child, Brian, turns one. But the challenges of full-time motherhood leave her longing to return to work, and when Brian is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, Anne is torn between doing the best for her son and her ambition to become a partner at her law firm. Anne’s obsession with trying to understand Brian’s condition drains her mentally and physically, and soon cracks begin to appear in her marriage. Feeling unsupported by her husband, Peter, Anne struggles to hold her family together. Things go from bad to worse when child services step in and tear Anne’s world asunder. Trying desperately to cope, she turns to drink for comfort and slowly loses sight of the woman who commanded respect and attention in court. Only when a much needed holiday ends unexpectedly does Anne confront the reality of who she has become. But she may have done more harm than good by confiding in her friend Louise. Torn between her friendship with Anne and self-preservation, Louise is protecting a dark secret she hopes will never be discovered.

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