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Mary Clancy

Location: Naas, Co. Kildare
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I am a Tipp woman, living in Kildare with my family. I have worked in varied careers while raising my children, from promotional work to social work. Since moving away from my career – I found writing to be my salvation. I do love style and being stylish although I must admit that since covid, my stockpile of couture, seems to be more yoga wear without the yoga. Gym wear without the gym. You get the picture.
I have always loved stories about past times -times when societal norms kept people on the straight and narrow. Young women and men who resisted societal rules – cruel and unjust punishments forced on those who committed the grave sin of fornication outside of marriage. Women.
I resist in saying that my books are for women about women, as they are not. They are as much about men and for men. Stories of life’s cruelties – stories of hope and vindication.


The Blue Washing Bag

Historical Fiction. The Blue Washing bag spans the years from the forties to the eighties in rural Ireland. It tells the story of a young woman coming to town hopeful of a new start. Forced to leave again, less than a year later, destroyed, leaving her baby at the side of the street.
Years later, Daisy finds out that she was abandoned. Having suffered greatly at the hands of the men she chose in life – she goes after the truth. Finding those responsible, she makes each of them pay for the damage done, not only to her, but to the women that came before her.

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