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Michael Ryan

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Welcome to my Author Biography. My name is Michael Ryan and I am a ‘rookie’ Author. I am a middle aged Irishman who is a Business Leader with 25 years experience implementing change in the Corporate World. At home I am your typical sports mad bloke who has a passion for football and coaching athletics.

I am also an energising Motivational Speaker who performs as RyanTalks, in which I love to spark debate on how to manage change in your life and career. I appreciate how challenging it is to change direction in any walk of life and to make that change sustainable in the long term.

When I hit middle age, I realised that everything I had done to live, thrive and survive was failing me! If I was to live the 2nd half of my life happy, healthy, wealthy and pursuing my dreams, then I was going to have to change myself. So that is what I set about doing.

In this, my first Book, I aim to help people address the life changing challenges of middle age. I have drawn upon my Corporate Change experience and a life time in athletics Coaching to share with people how these challenges can be approached.

As sporting careers have a finite lifespan, they presented the best way to tell the story about the challenges of mid life change in a fun and engaging way. In writing this Book about Change at a personal level I am aiming to show how the Corporate and Sporting worlds can combine to help anybody tackle Change in their lives.

As susceptible to a Mid Life Crisis as anyone else, I embraced it to Hit My Reset Button and my life has changed instantly from Business Leader to Author! I do hope you all enjoy the Book and that there is something in it that helps you make your Change!

Thank you for Reading.


Hit Your Reset Button!

Hit Your Reset Button! is about how to change your life in Middle Age. It is a Book written by a man for his mates because there is stuff we can’t talk about in the Pub. It tackles many of the challenges of our age from retirement, to isolation, to addiction and it does so in a humorous way because we may all have hard challenges in our life’s but we shouldn’t lose our sense of humour. It is a story of Change told through the eyes of a retiring footballer, set to the backdrop of the 2018 World Cup and through its 12 Open Goals it shows how people can change no matter what has happened. Enjoy reading.

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