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Paul W Newman

Location: Sydney – Australia
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Paul W Newman is an Irish-born author, illustrator and art teacher based in Sydney. He has worked in Dublin, London, Hong Kong and Sydney for a variety of clients in advertising, newspapers and magazines.
He is the author of two children’s books and two literary novels.
Grandpa’s Big Adventure, his first book for children, was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards (5 to 8 Years category) and was a Notable Book of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year awards. His second book for children, Grandpa’s Space Adventure has been receiving rave reviews.
His novel, Fin Rising, was published by a small indie publisher in Melbourne and received good reviews. The worldwide rights have reverted to the author and he is looking for a good home for his book.
He is also looking for a home for his literary/paranormal novel, The Beckoning – An Irish Ghost Story.
He is the recipient of three Stanley awards for illustration.


Grandpa's Big Adventure

A small boy is about to be taught how to swim by his grandfather. But first Grandpa tells him of his own big adventure when he swam around the world! This is a story “full of wild dangers and extraordinary delights … and the joy of sharing a tall tale”

Praise for Grandpa’s Big Adventure

. . . What an amazing Grandpa! The grandson is really impressed by his wonderful stories that seem to get taller and taller as the pages turn and delightfully so.
Oznasia – Goodreads

. . . Grandpa’s Big Adventure is an outstanding story for little ones that ticks many boxes: the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren, the irresistible lure of an adventure, ludicrous scenarios that ignite giggles, and best of all, a strong message about the importance of learning to swim.
Katie Oliveira da Silveira – Babyology

. . . This is a fun book from start to finish.
Moira Robinson – Magpies

. . . The warm bond of trust between grandfather and grandson comes across on every page of this charming picture book, yet the quirky tale is a modern and tongue-in-cheek twist on that bond, with not a hint of sentimentality. Highly recommended.
Lesley Reed – Creative Kids Tales

. . . This wonderful celebration of the relationship between grandparents and grandchild quickly became an absolute favourite in our house and is now on high rotation during story time. I sincerely hope we get to read about more of Grandpa’s adventures in the future. Highly recommended.
The Kids Book Shop

. . . The humorous counter-play between Newman’s text and Tom Jellett’s illustrations explores every nuance of word play, exaggeration, whimsy and just plain exaggeration in Grandpa’s story. This extended grandpa joke is sure to entertain, but at its heart is a caring grandfather doing whatever he can to reassure his grandson.
Stephanie Reeder – Canberra Times

. . . This picture book is perfect for a variety of age groups. Young ones will have fun with the story and some may understand the puns. I am sure older readers will delight in the puns, as I certainly did.
Liz Derouet

Awards & Recognition

The Children’s Book Council of Australia -The Picture Book of the Year – 2017 Notable

Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards -Shortlisted – 2017 – 5–8 Years

Grandpa's Space Adventure

Join the creative team behind best-selling picture book Grandpa’s Big Adventure on a new voyage full of out-of-this-world delights and cosmic dangers. This time Grandpa and his grandson explore a new fear – the dark. But through Grandpa’s hilarious jokes and tall tales, his grandson discovers the amazing things you can see at night-time.

Praise for Grandpa’s Space Adventure

. . . Paul Newman’s text is simple and easy to understand, relying heavily on in jokes, Dad/Grandpa humour and just an open mind. All of which make it very easy to swept up by Grandpa’s stories and be transported away on his home-built rocket ship to the moon!
The Never-Ending Bookshelf

. . . Without doubt, this will be a hit with the under 5’s. Who doesn’t enjoy a good story about a quirky grandpa? Especially one who has a scar across his tummy, where he literally split his sides laughing . . .
Better Reading

. . . Besides the magical story to space, the interesting characters and the beautiful bond between a grandfather and his grandson, Grandpa’s Space Adventure is perfectly penned as it successfully brings these characters to life, not to mention the adventure that they embark on.
Impulse Gamer

Fin Rising

Dead men have no secrets, but how about dead fish?
Fin Rising is set in Ireland at the turn of the millennium and takes us into the world of fly fishing.
The current and former residents and staff of Blackthorn Hall, including Fin, the working-class protagonist of the story, gather for their yearly dinner, and end up engaging in a surprise winner-take-all fishing competition at the estate’s lake.
But does the winner really win?
Fin Rising is a story about love, secrets, grief, longing, ambition, loyalty, the therapeutic benefits of fly fishing, and the influence people, (and fish) can have even beyond death.

Praise for Fin Rising

. . . Despite being set at the turn of the 21st century, Fin Rising has a retro feel, analogous to watching Downton Abbey or revisiting the comic brilliance of PG Wodehouse.
Ed Wright – The Weekend Australian

. . . Newman handles the themes with the kind of gentle touch and control required of a master fly-fisher. His writing flows easily, much like the fine whiskey which his protagonists imbibe in liberal quantities.
Stephen Birch – The Daily Telegraph

. . . This might have been just an entertaining fish story were it not for the sensuous depiction of County Mayo in Ireland by a rather remarkable prose stylist. Paul W. Newman allows us to see into the minds of his characters by telling us what they see in that fragmentary way we are affected by nature and events and memories.
Karen J. Dahood – Bookpleasures

. . . Though there is plenty of bad behaviour – most of it funny, the book is ultimately about healing and transformation. Fin Rising is the kind of novel that has something for everyone. It’s beautifully written, full of pathos and fun, and enough suspense to keep the reader fully engaged until the moving, and very satisfying conclusion.
Magdalena Ball – The Compulsive Reader

. . . Fin Rising would make a wonderful independent film. I love the quirky Irish movies. They have so much charm and humour. Fin Rising could very easily become one of those.
Kendal – Goodreads

The Beckoning - An Irish Ghost Story

Soon the full moon will rise.
The seventh son of a seventh son is born on the stroke of midnight on Halloween in a stone cottage in the isolated Irish countryside. Outside the cottage, ancient dark forces are held at bay by a mixture of Pagan magic and prayer.
And the Evil One appears.
To claim the prize, he has bargained for. But he is thwarted in his attempt to steal the child for his own dark purposes. Blinded by rage, he wreaks a terrible revenge on the villagers. A revenge that will have far-reaching consequences.
And when the night ends.
A secret Cell of Pagans and the Catholic Church collude to spirit the child to safety in the New World, where he will remain for three decades, constantly watched over until the time is right for his return.
And the Evil One comes once more to take the soul that he claims is rightfully his.

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