Peter Turnham

Location: Gloucestershire, UK.

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An accidental novelist, I was always very active but a ruptured Achilles tendon incapacitated me for several months. For some reason, I decided to write a book, which seemed a ridiculous idea for a dyslexic who usually only reads factual and scientific publications and didn’t read novels. Perhaps surprisingly, I find the whole process of creating a believable and generally fast-moving storyline totally fascinating. So far, I have published five books with more success than I ever expected, firstly the “Autumn Daffodils” series, then the “None Stood Taller” series.
The novels of the “None Stood Taller” series are described as one of the greatest love stories of WW2, set in time between March 1941 and VE Day, following my main character called Lily in the first two books.
The third novel is the story of another of my major characters, Lily’s great friend Dotty, during the same period of time, covering her exploits into occupied France as part of the SOE, some of which we touched upon in the previous two books in the series, but now in far more detail.
I am now almost ready to publish my 6th novel, which is also set in London during WW2, covering the period from 1939 to 1945. It details the separate everyday lives of a woman doctor and a police Inspector, including during the terrible days of the London Blitz.


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