Philip Boyle

Location: Lucan, Co. Dublin
Speaks at events.

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I am Dublin born and bred, and the author of five self-published novels – The Body Politic, The Boxer’s Dreams of Love, The Woman of Rivoli, Limb, The Glass Eye – and two short story collections – The Town Without Cheer and Fill His Cup With Cheer. I try to write like Amis, Atkinson, Dickens, Nabakov, to name but a few, but somehow I always end up sounding like Boyle… oh, well.


The Glass Eye

Dublin private investigator, Dan Boyle, finally gets an interesting, and lucrative, case but he quickly finds himself way out of his depth. What starts out as a simple missing persons’ case soon turns into a very complicated murder case, in which Dan Boyle becomes the prime suspect. The book is a mystery, a satire, and is dark, funny and violent.

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