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Raymond M. Keogh

Location: Bray, County Wicklow
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In 2016, on the anniversary of the 1916 Rising, Raymond Keogh published “Shelter and Shadows”, the book in which he first outlined his original views of identity. This was accompanied by the popular Gerald Keogh Identity Series which ran online (2015-2017). His present work “Irish Identity is not what you think it is” grew out of the book and the series.

Graduate of Agricultural Science, University College Dublin, Raymond became acknowledged as a leading tropical forestry specialist during a career that spanned 30 years in 15 tropical countries. His main body of written work includes peer-reviewed scientific publications for the UN, World Bank and other international development organisations. Relevant areas of professional activities included community development, training coordination and studies in environmental history.

His views on identity are draw from his scientific background, supplemented by his work with local communities and environmental organisations in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia—coupled with half a century dedicated to exploring his own family’s complex social history. This was the ideal blend in which to develop the foundational concept on which his original views of identity are based.

The new approach to identity gained international exposure with the publication of DNA & The Identity Crisis in Philosophy Now (2019). Signs that the new paradigm is gaining wider recognition is indicated by EuroScience’s interest. This is expressed in an invited article for their magazine entitled: Can Science Define our Identity? (due for release in January 2020).

Other works on identity: An in-depth article on the history of Dublin’s Gaelic middle-class identity, 1660-1911, was published in 2015 (Dublin Historical Record). Further articles on Irish identity appeared in The Journal (2013) and a 4-part feature in Roots Magazine (2009-2010). Several articles on his paternal family—which was part of the native middle-class identity of Dublin and which had participated in the 1916 Rising—were published in Reveille Magazine (2016); Dublin Review of Books (2016); Dublin Historical Record (2016); Independent Australia (2015) and History Ireland (2009).

Raymond maintained an interest in Irish history during his overseas career. He published several articles on St. Patrick in Studia Hibernica (1997-2005) and one novel (St. Patrick’s Letter to Prosper, 1995).


Shelter and Shadows

“Shelter and Shadows” reveals what it is to be born and live between two worlds that emerged from conflicting Irish traditions. In a lifetime quest to resolve his dilemma, Raymond Keogh traces the origins of his contradictory ancestral legacy. The outcome is the story of a hybrid family; its complex social histories; its interweaving genealogies; its genetic profile and its identity.

Coming to terms with ancestral conflict and cultural incompatibility awakens a revolutionary view of our common humanity. Ultimately, we are presented with an uplifting exploration of the meaning of human identity.

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