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Independent Author of seven novels. One was a number one download on KOBO. I am self-motivated and driven to produce quality fiction.

I have a personal blog and stories on




For fans of John le Carre, Mick Herron, Ian Fleming, Phillip K Dick and Alastair Maclean – meet Eva Molenaar.

1946: The guns have fallen silent over Europe.
For now.
Searching for her lover Nicklaus Brandt after a mission three years earlier with the French Resistance in Lyon, Eva finds herself in lawless war-torn Berlin.
Reunited with her old MI6 handler, Henry Chainbridge, she finds Brandt in a secret holding cell for Allied Intelligence in the British Sector of Berlin.
He has information vital to the Allies.
Hitler’s last offering; a vengeance weapon of frightening capabilities is now in the hands of the reclusive American billionaire Edgar Halidane and his cadre of fanatics.
Under the aegis of Allied command, Eva is dispatched to investigate and finds herself battling with old enemies who have taken the embers of Hitler’s vision and plan to re-ignite a divided Europe.
And pays a heavy price on her last mission.

It began with Get Lenin and now ends with Eagles Hunt Wolves

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