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Sahlan Diver

Location: Cork, Ireland


Educated at Dover Grammar School, Kent, and then at the University Of Birmingham, Sahlan studied microbiology and philosophy. After variously working as a shadow puppet theatre manager and prospective jazz saxophonist, he became a freelance computer programming consultant. His writing career began in 1960, when he won a national TV children’s short story competition. Thereafter, his writing became dormant, until 2014 when, now living in the Republic of Ireland, he began to write a novel. Three years later, that same novel, “The Secret Resort of Nostalgia”, was shortlisted in an international competition, the 2017 Yeovil Literary Prize. Both his second novel, “For the Love of Alison” and his third and most recent novel, “Sixty Positions with Pleasure”, have been finalists in the Indies Today awards. He’s still looking for an agent and publisher.


The Secret Resort of Nostalgia

SHORTLISTED 2017 Yeovil Literary Prize

Mike Denning thinks he’s secured a perfect job. Step by step the perfect job becomes his worst nightmare.

Twenty-two year old graduate, Mike Denning, takes employment in an experimental town on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. Fascinating location, excellent wages, food and accommodation all paid for, fine seaside summer weather, and a gorgeous young lady boss who happens to be unattached. If only the place weren’t so strange. As Mike begins to investigate, he realises he too is being watched. Can he find out what’s really going on without putting his life in danger? One thing he does know – he’s stuck on this island with no way of escape.

“The reader feels suspended on a thread, hanging between dream and waking, absorbed by the creepiness of the story … This book is a great read.” Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favourite 5-star review

For the Love of Alison

FINALIST Indies Today 2020 Award

Journalist, David Buckley, walks into a murder scene. Only one problem — the murderer doesn’t exist, so now Buckley’s the chief suspect, and he’s on the run. Can he prove his innocence – and his sanity?

David Buckley’s obsession with fellow student, Alison Tindell, led to hospitalisation for mental illness. Thirty years on, Buckley, now a successful journalist, receives a phone call from Alison, inviting him to visit. That same evening a murder occurs; Buckley is accused, and Alison, his only alibi, vanishes. The police don’t believe she ever existed. Buckley escapes, travelling the country in a desperate search to find her before the law catches up. But someone intends to find Buckley first, a person he fears more than anyone.

“Diver deftly weaves past and present in this work, making this psychological tour de force more akin to a deeply felt experience than merely reading a novel… most highly recommended.” Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite (5-star review)

Sixty Positions with Pleasure

FINALIST Indies Today 2021 Award

Charlie Gibbs’ new job comes with these perks: mountain scenery, sunshine, and sex with an older woman. And murder.

In the year 2050, twenty-something IT worker, Charlie Gibbs, has a problem – several problems, in fact. His boss has just been killed in mysterious circumstances. Replacement boss, fifty-year-old Dutch cougar, Ilse Teuling, is writing a sex manual and wants Charlie to help with “the practical work”. Populists have declared a coup; people are seeing visions; the clock is counting down to environmental disaster, and a murderer is on the loose, providing Charlie with the biggest problem of the lot – he’s the intended next victim and he doesn’t know why.

Can Charlie simultaneously solve crime, survive political chaos, save the environment, expose a hoaxer and foil a murderer, not forgetting to service the needs of Ilse? Can he keep all his balls juggling and still come out alive?

“Ultimately, considering its level of complexity, it was executed beautifully … a provocative and thrilling novel that will leave you with plenty to ponder.” Literary Titan (5-star review)

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