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Sara-Jane Cromwell

Location: Rushbrooke Cobh Co Cork
Facilitates workshops.
Speaks at events.
Speaks to writer groups.
Speaks to book clubs.


Sara-Jane is a ground breaking author and educator/trainer/mentor and lifecoach on Gender Identity and Gender Dysphoria. She is also an inspirational figure for people going through many of life’s difficulties, because her book Becoming Myself also deals with her experience of having to overcome many challenges, any one of which would flatten the rest of us. According to Sara-Jane, the greatest challenge of her life (even greater than her battle with her gender identity), was being raised as mentally retarded (not a joke) and leaving school at 11 years of age and starting work at just 12 years.
Sara-Jane grew up in Ballyfermot in the 60s-70s, when it was simply impossible for children her age to ever be themselves.
Sara-Jane was self-educated until she entered college as a mature student and graduated from the National College of Ireland at 30. This makes her becoming an author and speaker/lecturer even more extraordinary. She made her debut as a international Women’s Day Speaker in 2017.

Watch out for announcements in 2021 on Sara-Jane’s latest book ‘No Ordinary Life.’


Becoming Myself

Becoming Myself is Sara-Jane’s autobiography, published in (2008). It was a national media event including over 40 media appearances. It made it onto the bestsellers list, and her publishers bestseller list for approx. 12 weeks. It is currently out of print.
The book tells the story of her growing up in Dublin in the 1960s to her moving to Cork in 1998, where she received her diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria. It was the first book published by a person with Gender Dysphoria (Transgender).
This is a story of extraordinary courage and resilience in the face of many challenges and cruelties. She describes life as a young girl growing up in the grow body, being left-handed, and worst of all, being raised as mentally retarded. There is so much to this story that it is no exaggeration to call it an odyssey. It is truly a remarkable story which shows that the truth really can be stranger than fiction. The odyssey continues in her new autobiography No Ordinary Life, which is currently awaiting publication.

Wrong Body Wrong Life

Wrong Body Wrong Life (2010) is the first book of its kind to be published in Ireland. It addresses the subject of Gender Dysphoria (formally Gender Identity Disorder) and describes the living experience of gender dysphoric people in Ireland. It has proven to be a truly ground breaking book in that it is the first to properly inform readers on the true nature of gender dysphoria, the science behind it. It helps to breakdown the stereotypes that surround those who transition from one gender to the other. The author has long been regarded as a leading authority on this much misunderstood form of gender identity.
The book is used by clinicians, academics and the public alike and has resulted in the author being engaged as a guest speaker/lecturer with UCC and now with the Church of Ireland, promoting greater understanding and inclusion for those who transition towards becoming their true selves.

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